If Only Every Day Could Be a She’s The First Day … What Happens When the Internet Crashes and We Start Conversing with Nigel Barker via Twitter!

As a great intro this evening, we’ve passed 7,000 page views! All thanks to you! Keep it coming … is it too lofty to have a goal of 10,000 by the end of my time in NYC? 🙂

This morning was rather interesting. I don’t usually go to work on Wednesday mornings, but I decided to go in because we had an informational meeting scheduled with someone on staff around lunch time. I wore my black polka dot dress, which always gets a few compliments, and knew that the tank-style would be good for a hot and sticky afternoon.

I got to the office, made my coffee, and settled in at my desk for a lot of organization and email catch-up. I sent a few more prize packages, starting uploading some PDF files onto a creative server (for the marketing team to view sold programs and comps) and organized a few more spreadsheets for another sweepstakes.

Time went by pretty quickly; before I knew it, it was already noon! For the meeting scheduled shortly after, all of the interns in the office and I made our way to the Inspiration Station conference room overlooking Central Park.

Thought I’d capture myself with the view this afternoon. 🙂

We were quickly informed that the meeting was being ‘postponed,’ to which I was glad but also a little disappointed. I pretty much came in on my day off for the meeting and it didn’t happen. Oh well, I guess I was productive in other respects! I left the office and took the subway down to 23rd street, excited to be spending my afternoon and evening with the She’s the First crew.

There’s never a dull moment in Select Office Suites at She’s the First HQ … in fact, today was quite eventful to say the least.

I started my afternoon updating several sell sheets and documents for our sponsorship pitches, developed an editorial calendar for our weekly campaign newsletter, and worked on a rough outline of what an initial newsletter will look like after teams register to host a cupcake bake sale this fall. It was one of those days where the huge projects don’t seem to be moving very fast … but then you take a step back and realize that you actually did accomplish quite a bit.

In the middle of the afternoon, the office jumped into uproar (okay, slight exaggeration) after discovering that Nigel Barker had tweeted me (and She’s the First!) back twice! He tweeted me late last night after I mentioned him and my blog post and again this afternoon! That was just the start of our Twitter ‘conversation’…

Around 4 pm, it started raining. And by rain, I mean monsoon. Complete with hail and wind and extraordinary amounts of water. Luckily, I didn’t have anywhere I needed to go or to be, so I just sat in the office while the thunder seemed to rattle everyone in the office. Apparently, this is what the storm looked like from the sky – (Wall Street Journal). Scary!

First, we lost internet. All of the business people started coming out of their offices (some even with their computers in hand) seemingly outraged and questioning why they could no longer connect. Ha, makes you wonder what the business world looked like without Internet.

Second, the ceiling started leaking … bad. The heavy leak was more like a musical instrument, and our office mate was seeing quite a bit of rusty water fall on her desk. All of us interns/volunteers were getting a kick out of the ‘rhythm’ the water was making.

Third, Nigel tweeted back at Tammy! Now we were in full-on conversation mode. We decided to ask him to help us with our upcoming campaign- although we are unsure of exactly how he can help, we did invite him and his adorable family to the office for homemade cupcakes! Hopefully, he’ll accept our request soon.

If that wasn’t exciting enough – Tammy was in the spotlight again and someone stopped by our office with free cupcakes! Wait, I thought we were the cupcake queens … ?

After the excitement died down a little bit, it was time for a Cupcake Coalition meeting! We’re in the middle of planning, and I’m doing my best to contribute on the content/materials team. 🙂 We have a ton of exciting ideas in the works – and some incredible sponsorship opportunities coming into play … more details to come as we get closer to achieving our goal!

We were lucky enough to take a break mid-meeting for an incredible array of Naked Pizza. It was so tasty! I highly recommend the gluten-free thin-crust one with all the veggies. It even had artichokes on it which, surprisingly, I enjoyed! Thanks Naked Pizza – the hungry team definitely devoured all that we could fit in our stomachs.

These girls are all truly one-of-a-kind. The fact that they devote so much of their love, time and energy into this organization is truly insprining. I’m honored to be a part of it and know that great things are still to come 🙂

Up for tomorrow – a morning at work and then I’m picking up PAIGE VK from Grand Central! Yay for another Meaghan-led tour of NYC! Get ready to walk your heart out, Paige!

—Meg Taylor

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