Brushing Shoulders With Penn Badgley, Leighton Meester, and Michelle Trachtenberg … and an Evening with PAIGE VK!

It was a day … that’s for sure. I can’t even really remember the morning, that’s how long it felt!

I do, however, remember waking up and choosing a bright red dress for my morning in the office. They always say wearing a red dress makes you confident … I’d like to think I rocked the subway all day long 🙂

I got to the office in time to welcome everyone in again, and after a few cups of french vanilla-flavored coffee, filled my morning with a lot of administrative work. I handled a few more sweepstakes prizes and emails and then started on a new project that took up most of my morning. I had to upload a bunch of sold advertising units and comps onto our ‘creative showcase’ website – subdividing by client and type of document. It pretty much just houses all of our creative programs and work with clients so that sales reps and marketing directors can pull ideas from previous units for new campaigns.

I had to research logos, take screenshots, and then file the PDFs all in one spot. It was pretty systematic, but not too difficult to understand. I’m so thankful they’re starting to lean on us more for tasks like this. It’s nice to feel needed.

Around 11:45, I left the office for what I knew would be a FULL afternoon! The office was pretty slow today – I think because both our publisher and the head of the marketing department were out of the office.

On a little bit of a whim, I decided to follow a Twitter lead and take the subway a few stops uptown near Central Park West to see if the “insiders” were right about Gossip Girl filming there all day. After my failure on Tuesday, I was determined to get it RIGHT today! Luckily, I only had to wait about 20 minutes before the street saw some action! Other girls said they had been there all morning, with no such luck.

The first one to leave her trailer was Leighton Meester – she looked so natural and pretty in jean shorts and ended up crossing the street from the first trailer to another (where a FLOCK of people proceeded to swarm her). Thanks goodness she had a body guard. I almost felt bad for her … that has to be one tough life. I did get a couple good shots though!

Penn Badgley was next … and the girls definitely made it known with their screams and excitement on the sidewalk that he was in the area. I knew he was short, but I guess I didn’t really know how little he really is – he’s definitely smaller than me! I ended up crossing the street alongside him and giving him a quick smile 🙂

And the last one I saw (sadly no Blake Lively or Chace Crawford- my faves!) was Michelle Trachtenberg. The girl was so fierce and determined to get to set unscathed – she barely said a word and kept a straight face the whole time. She did look stunning, however.

From there, I made my way to my apartment for a while. I got a little antsy after I sat down, so I quickly made my way down to Gramercy Park – where I heard SMASH was filming today! I didn’t have a lot of time though, so the only thing I really saw was a bunch of extras, the set, and the crew food tent. Even that was kind of cool to see, though.

After my second celeb-hunting escapade, I took the subway up to Grand Central where I finally met a friend from U of M, PAIGE VAN KAMPEN! I’ve missed her so much and we had a TON to catch up on. We started with a little snack at Grand Central Station and then worked our way back to my apartment to drop her stuff. After that, we walked over to Madison Square Park and pretty much made our way all the way through Herald Square, Times Square, to the Hearst Tower, to Central Park and up into the Upper West Side.

We casually stopped by the Gossip Girl set again for a few minutes (no, I’m not obsessed), but didn’t see anyone so we decided to head off to find something for dinner! We ended up stopping a few blocks over at a really cute Italian restaurant on the Upper West Side. We sat outside and enjoyed the nice breeze as we both devoured our fresh entree salads. It was the perfect way to end our day and so fun for people watching!

Paige just left to stay somewhere else for the night, so once again, I’ll be heading to bed very shortly. I have a full day at the office tomorrow – who knows what’s in store?! Maybe something fun?

—Meg Taylor

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