Who Knew Central Park Was Over 7 Miles Around?!

I tried to sleep in… but I just couldn’t make it past 9:30. The sun gets far too bright, and once I wake up, there’s no turning back to the covers. Once I hopped out of bed, I made a quick breakfast and did a little light cleaning for my upcoming guests. 🙂

The plan for the afternoon was to cross another item off my NYC bucket-list. I headed up to Central Park and started on my “epic” journey … the entire loop from the bottom (around 59th street) to the top (around 110th street) and back around.

It was an absolutely beautiful, picture-perfect day … and I was happy to sport my Michigan hat around the city. I didn’t stop until I got to the top (where I was surprised to see a pool and a rather picture-esque pond). It was way less busy on the top than it was near the entrance downtown. It was kind of nice to get a little break from all the people/runners/bikers for a while.

Of course I stopped for some of the ‘prettier’ moments 🙂

At about the half-way point, I hit 4 miles! It felt great and only took me about an hour. I really didn’t mind the distance at all. I was trying to “speedwalk” and ended up next to a dad and his son learning how to ride a bike. Adorable.

After I made it all the way around, back to Columbus Circle, I celebrated the 7.5 miles with a trip to Whole Foods! I had a great time just walking around and picking out a few yummy items for lunch. I settled on a bunch of fresh berries and a southwestern turkey wrap. Eating at Whole Foods seriously makes everything better.

After my journey, I made my way back home (after stopping in a few shops on the way). I was more tired than I thought—I hopped on my bed and didn’t get up until 5 pm! I spent a few hours watching One Tree Hill on DVD, a few hours surfing Pinterest … you get the picture. I had a light dinner (wasn’t super hungry) and continued with more of the same.

I was going to venture out again … but I think I really just needed a day where I set up camp in my apartment and didn’t do too much (after my walk, that is). I’ve been going full-speed for weeks now; it felt good to kick up my feet for an entire afternoon with no agenda and nowhere to be. Yay for relaxation 🙂

The rest of my night will be spent with the lovely Paige Van Kampen … provided she can find her way to me in one piece. We already had a ‘took the subway the wrong way’ mishap. I have faith that she’ll figure it out eventually—mistakes are how you learn right? I think we’ll just relax and pop in a movie. Reminds me of old times…

Another visitor tomorrow! Stay tuned!

—Meg Taylor

PS. “Pin” a picture from this post onto a Pinterest board using my new button below! I just learned a little light HTML! 🙂


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