Challah Bread French Toast, Life-Changing Hillsong Worship, and Crossing Items Off the NYC Bucket List!

What’s not to love about Sundays?

It’s always been my favorite day of the week. Hands down.

So perfect for relaxation, worship music, long walks, great conversation and brunch food 🙂

Paige and I woke up this morning around 9 am … sun shining and ready to get us out of bed. After we got ready, we left for brunch! After a failed attempt at brunch spot #1, we went back to one my my local 3rd Avenue faves—The Sunflower Diner. Do you remember who I took here earlier this summer?

We were both hungry—she ordered the California Omelet (HUGE!) and I ordered the Challah Bread French Toast. Both were awesome … although I still wished that I had ordered the blueberry pancakes. Isn’t that always the case? I thought I learned my lesson last time. We left full and happy, and after a little rest back at the apartment, we decided to cross something off my NYC summer bucket list!

I live about a block from the Gramercy Theater, and every Sunday a church meets there called Hillsong NYC. I’ve heard that it’s quite the powerful experience, with incredible worship music and an awesome pastor. I’ve been wanting to go for weeks now—but the ginormous line that always forms an hour in advance kind of scared me away. So with about an hour until the service started, Paige decided to go with me!

We were both absolutely blown away. I’m talking seriously moving. The music gave both of us goosebumps (find them on iTunes!) and the pastor was so incredibly real and relevant that I wanted to give him a hug at the end of the service. It may have helped that he kept referencing *hope for single people (those of you who know me may know why that’s so significant). Haha 🙂

I will DEFINITELY be going back. And potentially be checking out their Wednesday night program as well. If you’re in the NYC area and would like to join, let me know!

After church (worship, concert, I don’t know what to call it?), we took another little nap in my apartment before Paige had to leave for the airport. I dropped her off at Grand Central, sad to say goodbye to another one of my visitors. I walked home and settled in with a couple episodes of One Tree Hill and letter-writing time for a few hours.

Once again, I got antsy, and decided to cross another thing of my bucket list! It was a life-changing day, okay? I walked down to the Brooklyn Bridge (a little over 2 miles) and decided to cross it! It was a lot shorter than I anticipated—I was across in no time! I was also listening to a few new iPod tracks, so maybe that helped too.

I took quite a few snapshots.

How am I so blessed?

Who could ever get bored of this city?

Honestly, this has been the summer of my life.

Once across, I made my way to the Brooklyn Bridge Park on the river and just hung out for about an hour. It was beautiful and the breeze was perfect. Great for a little reflection and quiet time.

Tonight I’m settling down to watch the season finale of The Bachelorette (no judgement please), and then I have another visitor flying in for a few days later tonight! Hopefully I’m not already sleeping when he gets in! Ha 😉 Work in the AM!

—Meg Taylor

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