Packing Gifts in Pretty, Pink Gift Bags, and Watching the Impressive Taylor Louderman SHINE in Bring it On: The Musical

I guess it’s always a good day when it ends in Broadway.

Broadway aside, morning came way too quickly today… Cam and I ventured to Times Square after he got in around 10:30 pm last night, and didn’t get home until later, so I was way tired this morning! After I finally managed to get myself up, dressed and out the door – I found myself in my favorite polka dot ensemble. I also found that I’m leaving the apartment earlier and earlier every morning (doesn’t that usually happen the opposite way?). I got to the office pretty early and enjoyed some quiet time catching up on emails and downing a few cups of coffee before everyone else got in.

My morning consisted of more contest entry emails and sending prizes, along with a lot of trade publication reading and research (becoming well-versed in the digital/tablet/magazine app technology and the benefits & worries associated with it). It was a pretty slow morning in the office, since most of the staff was out of the office last week and needed the day to catch up.

I finished my morning by sitting in on a conference call/account review with a sales rep – who pretty much outlined her target accounts and what ad/marketing programs she was pitching to her clients for 2013. Pretty exciting (and interesting) stuff! Seriously, who knew that every single ad is placed on the page in a distinct and strategic way. I beg of you to pay more attention to them 🙂

Before my lunch break, I ran a small errand to Lee’s Art Shop to pick up a few frames we made for a big client and partner for our Kids Edition. They looked great! It does feel funny to walk down 57th street with a big box in my hands, however.

Cam met me for lunch right outside the Hearst Tower around noon. He slept in and spent the morning in my apartment until he met me (why, I have no idea) 🙂 I was in the mood for a sandwich, so we made a trip to Lenny’s where I ordered a veggie/mozzarella wrap. It was so delicious! Cam desperately wanted a burger, and insisted that we go to “Goodburger.” So Goodburger it was …

During my afternoon hours, I helped package a few gifts for our big clients. They were cute and colorful gumballs from Dylan’s Candy Bar wrapped in really cute packaging. I have to say that this is probably my favorite part of the job. I love making things look ‘pretty.’ I also spent a few hours updating some of our project notes and PowerPoints and scheduling meetings for later this week. I left around 5 pm – most in the office were still catching up on their own projects, so there wasn’t much for me to do to help out!

At around 5:30 pm, I met Cam in Times Square where we made a plan for a night on Broadway 🙂 After failing to win a lottery for Newsies (SO many people), we made our way to the theater for Bring it On The Musical (a new show, still in previews). We got seats for a very decent price (although “partial view,” they truly were, in the box seats), but were both really excited to see it!

Before the show, we stopped at Chelsea Grill in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood for a quick dinner. I was desperately craving a caesar salad – so this one definitely did the trick! Cam ordered a super heavy pasta (although it smelled and looked great!). We were both full and happy when we left. After a quick half hour at Starbucks, it was time for the show!

Skip to the review … the show was SO GREAT! (Although it really is hard to go wrong with anything on Broadway). The female lead, Taylor Louderman, is from the Michigan Theater program (GO BLUE!) and definitely blew me out of the water. I was also informed that she was roommates with Mary Little – a Forest Hills (Grand Rapids) native! It is really such a small world. The rest of the cast was hilarious, the music was very powerful & inspiring and the stunts were impressive as well. It seemed like such a young cast, but an extremely talented one at that!

Time for bed – another full day tomorrow! Half day at the office, a few hours at She’s the First HQ, and then (hopefully) we’re crossing our fingers for another show.

—Meg Taylor

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