My Second National Byline, Lots of Staples, New & Inspirational STF Bracelets, and RICKY MARTIN!

I feel like some days I city-hop.
Okay, let’s be honest, I city-hop every day.
But some more than most.

In today’s news, I got my second national byline! I just got my copy of the summer Lyre (Alpha Chi Magazine)—I wrote an article about my time at Leadership Academy this past winter!

I started the day with a busy morning at Food Network Mag. I love being busy … believe it or not, I thrive only when I’m busy. Which is guess is really more of a curse than it is a blessing (I’m working on the ‘relaxation’ thing … but it just doesn’t fly in New York).

I wore a bright pink top and my favorite J. Crew skirt (silver and lace) today. I tweeted this morning that the feeling I have when the publisher walks in bright and early and sees only me happy and working at my desk is unlike any other. It may only be a few seconds … but those few seconds mean more to me than most things I’ve accomplished this summer. They show me I’m noticed, appreciated, and definitely abnormal.

Abnormal being a good thing in that scenario.

I was thrown right away into a major printing and stapling assignment for our status meeting. Thanks to this weekly project, I’m now really good at handling office printers, the fax, the industrial stapler and Excel. Give me any task that involves the above … I’m your girl.

After that was done, the interns sat down with our Marketing Director (and the magazine’s digital/tablet pro) to discuss what options are available to offer our advertisers in the digital edition—both enhancements and just replication. It’s so fun to learn about hotspots, tap-able content, rotating images, slideshows, and videos that can all be incorporated into digital ads. She also expressed that the coolest part of the tablet info is that it’s changing every day… which is SO exciting to me. When I graduate in a year, magazines will most likely be in a completely different place than they are now!

After a marketing status meeting (with great updates and re-caps of our current projects), the interns and I all sat down to discuss our progress with our group project. It’s hard to believe we will be presenting in a little over 2 weeks! Where has the summer gone?!

A little after noon I left to spend the rest of the afternoon with my She’s the First ladies 🙂 I got to the office and was instantly greeted by smiles and laughter—and a new bracelet! Check it out; we’re reminding the TWYLS summer campers that they are NEVER too young to make an impact.

Tammy herself taught me that this summer. The girl is superwoman.

We also took a moment to acknowledge the ‘stars’ in the office (and to show off the new bling). We’re pretty cute, huh?

An hour later, a few girls from a neighbor organization,, stopped by for a quick meeting. Such friendly faces and so many great, collaborative ideas. They’re helping out with our fall XX Summit!

After working on a few more small projects, I had to head out to meet Cam back the apartment for a quick dinner and then another Broadway adventure. Apparently he kept himself busy all afternoon by seeing Batman, waltzing around Central Park and writing. I hope he enjoyed himself!

We entered the lottery for another show tonight … and sadly didn’t win. The crowd gathered was HUGE; but I’ve been so lucky so far this summer that I did have a little hope! (Maybe Cam’s bad luck) Instead, we went ahead and bought tickets for Evita (starring Ricky Martin) which I’ve been wanting to see for a while now. The show was great—Cam and I weren’t huge fans of the female lead, but the dancing, set, and other minor characters were incredible!

Bed tonight for another full day tomorrow. I’m spending the morning with a bunch of summer campers—we’re making beads! 🙂

PS. Cam opted out of photo ops … but I assure you he’s here.

—Meg Taylor

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