An Ode to Flavia & Gourmet Blueberry Pancakes

Consider this my ode to ye old Flavia coffee machine … 
35th floor, Hearst Tower.

Every morning I wake.

With just enough time to get ready.

Not quite enough time to make coffee.

Excited for the day that lies ahead.

But lacking energy, I need caffeine.

Do I stop at Dunkin’ Donuts?


No, of course not.

Flavia is waiting.

Perfect, mighty and options galore.

She’s there while I work through piles of research.

She’s there during my lunch break … and when I discover free samples.

She’s there during the inevitable mid-afternoon slump.

Thanks goodness she’s got French Vanilla.

Oh, Flavia … what would I do without ye?

I take one more cup to go.

No, you can never have too many … especially when they’re free.

I still think of you while I make blueberry pancakes for dinner.

And while I run a few miles on the treadmill.

What I would do for a cup of Hazelnut right now.

I finish hours of Skype calls, catching up with family.

I tell them all …

Just how excited I am to make my cup of Flavia coffee.


—Meg Taylor

PS. I PASSED 8,000 views!!!!! 
Thank YOU!

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