"She’s a King in a Sea of Queens" … What Happens When TYWLS, She’s the First and Monique Coleman Collide

Does anyone else find it kind of funny that the assistants and interns outnumber the higher level employees every Friday? I guess that’s one of the perks of working your way up the ladder … one day I’ll be there.

Until then, I’m telling myself to slow down and enjoy the ride.

For those of you who know me, you know I like to do things in fast forward much of the time. It may seem like I’m constantly running, reaching for more, and never content with just being average. I’d like to consider this kind of attitude as one of my strengths … but this summer I’ve come to realize that it also can be one of my biggest downfalls.

Sure, I’m having the summer of my life and learning so much during my internship and time in the city – both about myself as an individual and as about the corporate professional world. But there is one thing that I didn’t expect to stumble upon this summer. Through what many may call pure fate, I met Tammy Tibbetts and dove headfirst into the She’s the First organization. From both my time in the office as well as my time with other volunteers and the TYWLS Explorers (the summer camp we partnered with), I’ve learned that life is about so much more than just the 9-5.

What She’s the First (and so many incredible volunteers) has made me realize is that you’ll only ever be happy if you’re doing something you love.

So that’s the plan for the next year and beyond … figure out what I love.

Back to Friday … I woke up this morning and got to the office early, eager to finish the first copy of our final project and to turn it into a co-worker for approval! It was the perfect day for a polka dot top and my mint skinnies (casual Friday wear).

Because I was chosen as the representative to “spearhead” putting the project together in its entirety, I spent around 2 hours formatting the other interns’ slides into the same layout, font type, etc. It was tedious work, but so rewarding once I finally printed the 74-page final project later in the afternoon.

My supervisor was out on a “Summer Thursday/Friday,” so I didn’t have many little tasks to complete today. Around 10 am, I ducked out quickly to head back down to 23rd and watch the TYWLS Explorers “Variety Show” at the Gramercy Theatre. They took over the stage with their incredible poetry, songs and dance as part of an end-of-camp celebration!

I was honestly so taken aback and moved by the girls. Both Kate and I were in the audience with tears streaming down our faces for most of the performance. One girl opened the show with her original poetry and blew me away with the strength, power and confidence behind her words.

“She isn’t just a girl. She’s different. She’s a lion. She’s a king among a sea of queens.”

Others were brave enough to sing (some even alone) powerful and inspirational songs. All of the girls have learned so much during their time at camp, and to hear how we have inspired them to think about education in a new light is truly incredible. These girls are going to change the world … I have no doubt about it. One girl claimed that she will graduate at the top of her class, that she will attend Princeton University and study law, and that she won’t ever have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck.

Seriously, these girls are incredible.

Monique Coleman (Disney’s High School Musical and so much more) even stopped by to say hi and to speak to the girls – and step in as an emcee!

Around noon, I went back to the office to finish up what was left of the presentation and complete a few other small projects. I did my first copy-writing assignment this afternoon for a small mock-up for AT&T! It felt great to get good feedback on my ideas for that as well.

With the office clearing out quickly around 4:30 pm, it was time to head out for the weekend! I decided that I might as well stop at Whole Foods while I was up there for a quick dinner and a few groceries I needed for this week. It worked perfectly; I had a delicious cucumber/hummus sandwich and fresh grapes 🙂

Oddly enough, once I got down into the subway I got a really bad headache all of the sudden. It was almost torture to walk all the way home from my stop. I literally collapsed on my bed and slept for a few hours once I got home. I guess I was just really tired and worn-out?

Watching the Opening Ceremonies now, like everyone else I’m sure, and then it’s going to be an early bedtime. I’m going to an INCREDIBLE event tomorrow that I can’t wait to tell you about! It starts bright and early at 7:30 am! 🙂

—Meg Taylor

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