Turning "If Only" Into "What’s Next" … and a Visit to Great Neck, NY!

Ahh… if only it was Sunday every day.

Or… if only I got 341 new hits on my blog every day!

Better yet… if only I didn’t have to leave New York in a few short weeks.

Don’t most of us spend our lives in the land of “if only” … and convince ourselves that the next big thing is certainly within our reach if only we try a little harder?

If there’s one thing I’ve come to appreciate this summer, it’s that thinking about all of the if only only prevents you from seeing the beauty of it’s happening. I’ve been so blessed to experience a summer full of learning, new experiences, exploration, self-discovery and most importantly, inspiration and hope for what’s to come.

So instead of leaving you with an if only, I’ll simply leave you with a what’s next.

I got up this morning (the sunshine came quickly!) and got dressed and ready for the early service at church. I spent the morning setting up the preschool room and then corralling little kids around a hotel meeting room during Journey Kidz for an hour. Today was challenging, to say the least. We had a few kids who probably had a sugary doughnut or two before their parents dropped them off. I hadn’t even had my coffee yet! It was still fun though; the kids ran around in their ‘hero’ masks for the majority of the service. 🙂

After that was over, I sat through about half of the following church service before I had to scoot out to run a few errands before I got on the train! I made my way down to the fashion district (and saw FIT for the first time), where I picked up some personal stationary and more essential items I’ve been waiting to buy. FIT had an incredible Barbie exhibit on display, but unfortunately I had to run to Penn Station to hop on the train!

Around 2 pm, I boarded the Long Island Railroad destined for Great Neck, NY (about a half hour train ride). I was planning to spend the afternoon with one of my grandparents’ friends at her house near the sound. She picked me up at the train station and drove me through an incredibly quaint, east coast town. The shops and downtown area made me nostalgic for a smaller city; until I returned later that afternoon and remembered how exciting the city was in the first place. She was a great tour guide, and even brought me to her home where I met a few of her sons.

She treated me to a wide variety of dried fruits, chocolates, ice cream and fresh fruit (oh, and a sweet cup of coffee)—I think I’m still on a sugar rush! My grandparents warned me that she’d have an army of food waiting for me. I was very thankful and appreciated the nice conversation during the afternoon hours. She was such an inviting and inquisitive woman, and I was glad to share some of my experiences and NYC stories with her … and she was happy to listen!

On our way back to the station, she handed me a little box to open as a parting gift—which I later discovered to be a beautiful paperweight. It’ll look great on my first professional desk next year! 🙂

I spent the train ride home, as well as a few more hours upon returning home, reading my book that I’m trying to finish so that I can start a new one. I’m not one of those people who can stop/start or read multiple books at once … but this one is kid of dull and I can’t wait to get to my first iPad edition book – Emily Giffin’s new novel! A quick side note, there was  CROW flying around our moving train for a while—CRAZY, but so fun. Ha 🙂

I have a full day at the office tomorrow—and some REALLY fun things planned in the afternoon. Can’t wait to tell you about it!

*Hint—It involves LOTS of crackers, cameras and spreads. Can you guess what it is?

—Meg Taylor

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