Townhouse Flatbread Crackers in a New Light … Literally

Note to Self: Everything moves faster in NYC … except a line of tourists.

I got up today excited for a full day at the office! The official countdown (although I truly hate actually counting down) lies at only 8 days left in the office. I still remember sitting in the lobby on my first day, scared but so excited … and shaking in my heels.

Now, I rock the building in killer flats. It’s truly so much easier; I do actually move around the office quite a bit throughout the day! Instead of being shaky and nervous now, I ride up the escalator each morning with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

I belong here. 
I can just feel it.

I started the morning with a few small, administrative tasks—putting together a PowerPoint, researching food truck vendors, emailing a few people on my contact list and then contacting our Hearst studio to ensure food props arrived to the set on time. (More about this later!)

We’re presenting our final project next Wednesday afternoon, so we’re still waiting on final approval from one of our supervisors and then we will head into “rehearsals.” I spent the late half of the morning shipping out a few items and catching up on current news though trade magazines online.

Around 12:30, the other marketing/sales interns and I went down to the Caf for lunch—although I wasn’t super hungry since I had a decent breakfast rather late in the morning. Gabby hadn’t made it onto the blog before today, but now she makes her big debut! I don’t know what I’ll do without her when she goes back to Loyola in Chicago and I head back to Michigan. She’s been so great all summer long!

Around 2 pm, Gabby and I got to make our way down to the 16th floor of the tower to peek into a photo shoot we’re doing for a Townhouse Crackers advertorial—showcasing several new recipes for delicious holiday spreads and their new/improved cracker recipe!

On our way there, we made a quick detour and took a few snapshots of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute 🙂 They were cooking something great across the hall, which definitely caught our attention.

Once inside the photo shoot, we saw the team prepare and shoot two different recipes. The first was a butternut squash dip and the second was a blue cheese dip with pears. It was so fun to see the food stylist prepare the food with tweezers, ensuring everything looked just right on camera (although, yes, it was all still real food!). There were several marketing reps there from Kellogg’s who were also fun to chat with (one was from Michigan!).

It was so awesome to see how much thought and effort goes into preparing these spreads and advertorial sections. And it was also fun to take a quick peek at all the props as well as some of the other studios and photo shoots. They were shooting a spread for Marie Claire right next door … and Gabby and I almost drooled when we saw the gorgeous Oscar de la Renta dress hanging and waiting to be shot.

After about an hour at the shoot, we went back up to the office, where I proceeded to take on another small project for one of our marketing girls (who’s almost taken me under her wing a little bit). I had to organize a few chocolate photos for a creative mailer as well as come up with copy points for the mailer tag. We should be finalizing the copy for this project tomorrow morning.

I got home around 6 pm, and I whipped up some great veggie stir-fry for dinner (yes, all by myself!). Aren’t you proud of me, Mom? After about an hour or so reading my book, I decided to cross something else off my bucket list this evening! It was finally time to venture to the Empire State Building. (A special than you to my Aunt Pat who funded the trip!)

Little did I know that it was not simply a one-hour trip. I waited in line for a little over 2 hours. Standing. In a crowded room. Where 90% of those waiting weren’t speaking English.

When I finally made it to the top … I will admit that it was worth it. The view at night was absolutely magical. Seriously, I don’t think you can beat it with much. Gorgeous lights and rivers in all directions. A view like I’ve never seen before. It was crowded but I did manage to snag a few decent photos—although I don’t think they even come close to catching the true beauty of being outside on the 86th floor at night.

It’s time for a little more reading and some work for She’s the First before I go to bed. I’m job-hopping again tomorrow—starting at Food Net Magazine and then jumping over to She’s the First for the afternoon. I think we have a special project up our sleeves that you just might be interested in. Who knows, perhaps it will debut right here shortly!

—Meg Taylor

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