Finding Inspiration in Mason Jars, Letters from Uganda, Monique Coleman, and She’s the First Rock Stars

They say you should learn something new everyday.

Who’s they?
We’ll never know.

But someone please tell “they” that I learned two new things today.

The first—transporting 24 mason jars all the way from the Upper West Side to the Lower East Side is one of the hardest physical tasks I’ve ever completed.

The second—great friends make really great teammates.

I woke up this morning feeling the polka dot vibe yet again, and got to work with a smile on my face and ready for a full day. Tuesdays are generally pretty slow … but something special happened this morning that made me feel like I was on top of the world (okay, maybe just on top of the Hearst Tower).

After downing several cups of French Vanilla coffee (I’m considering trying to sneak this coffee machine out the door in my bag on my last day… jokes), I made my way through several document changes and a few other miscellaneous administrative tasks.

I also worked on the copy for another one of our mailers and did my first “mini” conference call with one of our sales reps in Chicago to finalize the content. It was so fun to have her one the phone line—and they let me know that they’re going to use my tagline! 🙂

Around 10 am, one of the marketing girls sent me the first draft of our DINING AND DRINKING GUIDE! Yes, the project I slaved over for hours and hours .. and hours and more hours. I felt like it was literally a piece of myself that I invested so much time and energy into. We sent it off to the creative graphic design department where they completed the first draft of the final (soon to be published!) product. We’ll end up changing the colors and fonts and text, but you get a sneak peek here!

Can you believe my headshot and title is in something that Food Network Magazine is publishing!? I almost passed out when I first saw it.

I spent the next couple hours going through the first draft, editing and adding my comments. We’re happy with some pieces but overall we want it to be a bit more punchy and fun. We’ll circle back around with creative for a second draft this week.

I left the office around 2 pm (with a few boxes of Townhouse crackers left over from the photo shoot) and made my way to the Upper West Side to a store called Zabar’s. I found out about it online and heard that they’re some of the only ones in the city who sell mason jars in large quantities for a decent price.

I’m using them for an upcoming project… stay tuned for more details in the next few days! I think you just may like it—inspired by Pinterest, of course! And this is also where the whole transporting them back to my apartment issue comes back in. I had to take two subways and walk six avenues with them in a bundle. It was not easy. I stopped about every other block until I made it home. But alas, they’re home and waiting for step 2! Perhaps tomorrow I’ll continue…

I camped out on my bed while I finished several more loose projects and tuned in to a little Olympic water polo on TV. They’re not nearly as attractive as the male swimmers are though…

Around 5 pm, after a quick stop at Crumb’s for iced coffee, I made my way to She’s the First HQ. Why does it always feel like I have front row tickets to a comedy show when I’m there? I swear, these girls make me laugh more than I’ve ever laughed before.

And we all need a good laugh.
Especially in New York.

Before our meeting, I spent a few moments with Brianne reading letters from some of our sponsored girls in Uganda. “I want you to come visit soon,” one of them wrote… Soon enough I hope, soon enough. I almost started crying when I read these girls’ letters. I start to realize that education really isn’t about the stupid grade you put at the top of a term paper. It’s about feeling and knowing that you’re worth something. It’s about acknowledging the fact that you can do and be anything you want to be with a little hard work.

I also spent a little time watching Monique Coleman film a promo for her new website—she’ll be looking for contributors soon for a re-launch! Check her out at and give her some mo’ love. She was sweet enough to pause for a picture after shooting. She’s also just as funny and stunningly beautiful in person as she is on camera! I’m so inspired by her commitment to empowering young women and giving them a voice.

Tonight we had a meeting with several team “captains” for the XX Summit happening in October! We were truly powerhouses tonight. Kate, Danielle, Opal, Azure, Tammy … everyone else who stopped in … you all made me smile from ear to ear tonight. The way we were shooting ideas at each other, inspiring one another, feeding off one another and jumping in where appropriate—really assures me that a team with a vision and solid members is really all it takes to get work done. And by work, I mean move mountains and break barriers.

Thanks for being a dream team girls.
Where it’s at.

I’m excited to keep moving with these incredible women. I have a feeling we’re going to do and produce something truly moving and spectacular for more than 400 young women from around the country and beyond.

Cheers to the first time I’ve really felt my heart pulling me in several different directions. Seriously, what’s a girl with big city dreams supposed to do?

—Meg Taylor

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