SO MANY Samples, Inspiration from Boy Bands and Grown-Up Meetings

Thanks to ALL OF YOU, I’ve surpassed 9,000 page views since I first debuted my blog in May! I’m beyond thrilled and only hope that I can continue to grow (with your gracious love and support) from here. It’s truly humbling to receive emails and tweets from those of you who read every night—keep sending them my way! You’re all my inspiration!
Usually I don’t work at Food Network Mag on Wednesdays … but I think I’m getting to experience magazine crunch time first-hand as we wrap up our summer project and a few other big things we’ve been doing all summer long. It’s suffice to say that I was busy and running around like a mad woman all day. 
Which I love.
I went with one of my classic outfits again today… a grey camisole (with ruffles of course), and my high-waisted polka-dot skirt. I tied it all together with my white cardigan—it goes with everything!
I left the apartment and got into work early to start right away on a few administrative jobs. I wanted to get them done before most people arrived to the office and before I had to settle in at a desk far away from most of the action (since I’m not usually there on Wednesdays, I have another desk with a laptop). I did my big weekly printing job, set up the conference room for our status meeting and also shipped a few more prizes (it never ends!) to lucky winners. These readers won Newlywed Cookbooks. I seriously give anyone credit if they really cook with their husband/wife… especially if they’re newlyweds.
Around 9:30 am we sat in on a status meeting .. once again hearing about all of the developments and what’s coming up on the marketing side for Food Network Magazine. After that ended around 11 am, all of the interns went straight into another informational meeting with Rick Day. He works with consumer marketing for FN Mag and several other lifestyle brands at Hearst, and gave us a little background information about our circulation, rate base, and how we manage and obtain new subscriptions. It was cool to hear about how a magazine actually travels from the publisher all the way to the retailer … something you don’t often pause to think about.
Following that meeting, I took a quick break to run down to the cafeteria for a yogurt parfait and some fruit. I ate quickly before we found out about a MASSIVE sample sale happening on the floor below us at Marie Claire. Another intern and I raced down there after a few other girls came back with bags full of goodies—all products for only $1 each! It was insane—products and people galore! What people will do for cheap cosmetic products…

When we got back to the office we had another meeting scheduled with the Associate Publisher and Integrated Marketing Director, Peggy Mansfield (my boss’s boss!). She sat with all of the marketing/sales interns and gave us a run down of how she got to where she is now as well as a few other details about the marketing business. Her journey to Food Network was so interesting… it involved Playgirl Magazine, Disney, Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, MTV, Teen People, and a boy band … does anyone remember LMNT? They had a hit called “Juliet.” Look it up in iTunes, I beg of you.
She was incredibly helpful and really explained what magazine marketing is and how it relates to other media careers. She’s also inspiring to listen to—the passion and creativity that stems from her voice is incredible! I can tell she truly loves what she does and cares about all of her team members!

And here’s why the day was so busy … we went straight from that meeting to another one with Michelle, our Marketing Research Director. She told us all about the research studies we conduct on our ads and advent units, as well as how she creates a relevant “story” that ties the Food Network brand to all of our impressive stats. She pretty much gives the sales reps the “why Food Network Magazine” ammunition they need to sell big ads.

Other than those meetings, we went through the Dining and Drinking guide which will soon be submitted for another draft to the Creative department. That project truly feels like my baby … and I love watching it grow!

Mid-afternoon, we hopped up to the 44th floor to visit a Sony trade show. A few reps were showcasing some of their new products and impressive technology. I saw a few new gadgets that looked awesome … although I don’t think I’ll ever be able to part with the Apple brand very easily. I’m just so addicted.

Later in the afternoon, I completed a few more little projects … and then (surprise!) stumbled into a few more freebies! Amanda dropped by with a Clinique Chubby Stick (can’t wait to try it!) for helping with the Clinique campaign earlier this summer and I also picked up a Cake Pop Recipe Book from our office “take-as-you-please” area. To finish off the afternoon, I left with the new copy of HGTV Magazine for some subway reading material. My bag was overflowing by the time I left!

Around 6 pm, I left the office and went to Blockheads (nearby Mexican restaurant) with a group of interns from the edit side for a little happy hour and some chips and guac! It was so much fun to sit with them and talk about the office, previous internships, college life, our time in the city, etc. I don’t really get to interact with them very much and I feel like we really get along. I wish we had more time to spend together before the summer came to a close.

It feels like just when you start to settle in, everything changes on you.

I’m back at the office in the morning for a project de-briefing and then I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon at STF HQ! It’s never a dull day, that’s for sure! 🙂

—Meg Taylor

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