$1,000 Worth of Ice Cream Supplies and She’s the First Women Who Remind Me What It Means to Care

I feel like I just moved in.
And like I’m really not ready to leave.
Please, someone pinch me.
I can’t even imagine leaving.
I’ve learned so much.
I’ve lived.
I’ve seen a dream come to life.
I got up this morning and couldn’t believe that it’s Thursday already! The weeks seriously take you captive here. You look up and then suddenly it’s time for the weekend. It’s funny to think that some of my favorites times in the city haven’t been on the weekends.
Am I a nerd for REALLY enjoying work life?
I picked one of my navy and white J. Crew dresses today and a white cardigan. I knew it was going to be a HOTT one today, but I also pretty much freeze in the office. I guess that’s what the million cups of coffee are for?
I got into work early enough to sit in the lobby for a bit and work on a few She’s the First projects and one sheets. Around 8:45, I went up to the 35th floor to start my day! We began rather quickly with a breakdown of our presentation for next week. We sat down with some of our supervisors who gave us a lot of helpful feedback and tips on how to improve and streamline our project. 

I loved and appreciated the feedback, but it also meant re-formatting and giving our presentation a little face lift! I had to dive a little deeper into a few of the insightful and interesting points and get rid of some of the redundant, boring ones. The most important and exciting thing that came out of the meeting was that my supervisor pretty much told me that I have to give a “Pinning 101 class” for Pinterest newbies during the presentation.

Obviously, I was thrilled.

I spent the early afternoon trimming, cutting and editing our slides and packaging it up into a new presentation. I didn’t quite finish, but it’s first on the list for tomorrow morning. Hopefully we’ll have a completed piece before lunchtime!

Around 2 pm, the other marketing interns and I got to take a little field trip. On our way out of the Hearst Tower, we passed Cindy Lauper (no big deal), although I was too busy looking away and not paying attention to notice! The other intern brought it to my attention just as we were rounding the corner and she was out of sight.

We made our way to Sur La Table – a kitchen and gourmet food store directly adjacent to the Tower. We were on a mission to find enough ice cream supplies to fill 10 baskets of “ice cream goodies.” We bought soft serve makers, frozen yogurt machines, sprinkles, recipe books, cups, sauces, you name it … we bought it. It was so much fun and definitely a unique bonding experience. We budgeted everything really well and even came in under budget with money to spare!

Around 4 pm (a little later than I anticipated), it was time to head to She’s the First HQ to catch up on some of my projects for Tammy that I’ve had on my to-do list for a few days. I got there and was greeted by some of my favorite faces.

These girls light up a room. And they look at me every time I walk in with a smile that tells me that I’m so appreciated. And they send me tweets on my way to the office letting me know how excited they are to see me. How did I get so lucky to find such an incredible community?

A special note to Brooke – your letter will be coming soon, but I just want to say thank you for everything you are. Even though we didn’t know one another too long … you made me laugh and realize the beauty of being real. You’re very special to me and you always will be! (This photo booth is dedicated to you… because you stole my phone).

Then it was time for CHRISTMAS! We opened a box full of “treats” from Jane Cosmetics, an incredible upcoming sponsor for She’s the First. Tammy let me choose a few products to take home .. and what girl doesn’t LOVE free make-up?! Thank you Jane, and I can’t wait to see the incredible impact we make together in the fall. I have a feeling we’re going to do something very special.

To round out the night, I had a meeting with my Social Media team for XX (who is awesome, if I may add!). We’re laying the groundwork to spread the word about the XX Summit and we’re building social media pages and platforms like nobody’s business. We’ve even got a template in the works for a social media scavenger hunt. October can’t come fast enough … it’ll be my first official trip back, I’m hoping!

I can feel a slow day coming at the office tomorrow after I finish my project stuff… so I’m asking you, what should I do this weekend? Tweet me the things right now that you think should be on my bucket list and I’ll respond right away! 🙂

—Meg Taylor

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