Oh, How I Wish I Got Free Greek Yogurt Everyday… And Why Alpha Chi Makes Me Smile

You’d think I’d won an emmy.

“First one in, last one out. Someone should give you intern of the year or something…”

By far, one of the best comments I’ve received all summer.

I think I’ve impressed a few people 🙂 You’d be surprised how much credit getting in just a little early and not sneaking out early gets you.

I woke up today knowing that it’d be a slow one in the office. My supervisor was out on a Summer Friday—which I’ve kind of noticed is run-of-the-mill here. After putting on one my favorite black dresses and a simple cardigan (so classic!), I started the morning with a few cups of coffee and the morning headlines on my iPad. Aren’t I cosmopolitan?!

I got to the office a little before nine (and snagged a free Yoplait Greek Yogurt on the way!) and settled in with a few updates on our project that I didn’t get to yesterday. Around ten, I printed a new copy of our final presentation for review by the head of the marketing department—fingers crossed that she thinks it’s okay. You get a little sneak preview (although I’ll explain more next week)!

I’m presenting on one of our competitors, Rachael Ray Magazine … and giving a Pinterest tutorial. I’m so excited to field all of the marketing/sales reps’ questions. I’m hoping I can stand up to the test as an unqualified Pinterest “expert!”

After I wrapped that up, I moved on to creating some of the tags for my parting gifts next week. Remember the mason jars? Well, this was step 2! Step 3 will probably happen at some point this weekend, so stay tuned. I can’t wait to put them together. Hopefully I’ll create some office buzz when I leave them all on their desks.

Later in the afternoon, after my daily parfait and banana fix, I shipped a few items back to the Food Network Store in California, ordered boxes from the mail room and started on a few fun mini-projects. First, I organized a bunch of research on an insert that ran in our April issue for P&G’s Home Made Simple. I had to pull the most interesting and impressive stats on product engagement and layer them into a PowerPoint deck to show the client. Then, I started brainstorming what the copy should be for a comp we are presenting to a wine advertiser next week. I had to think a little creatively and ended up with a “table topics” concept to spark conversation at a dinner party.

I left the office around 4:30, after most had vanished and another assistant pretty much shoo’d me out. Maybe he just wanted to leave too? 🙂 I decided to walk home, since I had to stop on 35th for a quick errand, and got home right before 6 pm.

After a quick dinner, I decided to cross something else off my must-do NYC “bucket list.” I made my way down to Battery Park (via the subway this time), and then got on the Staten Island Ferry. I pretty much just wanted to see the sunset on the river one more time … and I most definitely got to see that. It also didn’t hurt that the Statue of Liberty was in the foreground.

When I got there, I walked about two blocks before I realized that there really wasn’t that much to do. I wandered over to a baseball stadium, but the game was almost over, so I decided to see a little bit of the main street (which didn’t scream impressive off the bat, but maybe I was in the wrong area?) and then went back to the Ferry terminal.

As I was waiting for the 9 pm Ferry back to Manhattan, a woman stopped me and smiled … then finally said, “so … you’re my sorority sister.” I completely forgot that I was wearing my Alpha Chi swag until I looked down, but was thrilled to meet another AXO in New York (that’s 2 so far)! Meet Patty, class of 1956 at the University of Utah (Beta Nu Chapter, Alpha Chi Omega). She was so eager to get to know all about me and what I was doing in the city. Such a nice, friendly and caring woman. I’m not surprised—that’s how all Alpha Chi’s are!

Those are the times when I pinch myself and say … how cool is it that stuff like this will happen my entire life. And in 20 or so years, I could be the one stopping a college girl in New York with her letters on. Oh, possibility.

It’s a late one tonight—and I’m EXHAUSTED. I’m getting up early to see if I can score some Broadway tickets for my last full weekend in NYC.

Seriously, this is it.

—Meg Taylor

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