I Think More American Girl Dolls Were in the Audience Than Human Beings—An Afternoon by the Hudson River and Mary Poppins on Broadway

Wow, I’m so humbled by all of your love and support! I’m getting closer and closer to the 10,000 mark that I’ve secretly been aiming for all summer. Your kind words and compliments are truly what keep me going. If you feel like sharing – blast this post out on social media to help me get even closer to the big 10K!

Now for the good stuff … What to do in NYC on a Saturday when I have NO pre-established plans and the entire day to myself?

Of course I saw a Broadway show.

Did that even surprise you?

I got up early thinking that there would be a long line for Mary Poppins student rush tickets (as there usually is) formed way before the box office opened. I got there a little after 7:30 am, to find the place completely deserted with no line or people waiting. Since the theater didn’t open until 9, I made my way into McDonald’s for a coffee and then spent the time reading my new book on my iPad. Good thing I brought something to do while I waited – all alone!

Finally another girl showed up about 10 minutes before 9 am for rush tickets (lesson learned, you DON’T need to get to the box office early for Mary Poppins like almost every other show on Broadway). Oh well, good thing I’m a morning person.

Once I got my ticket (a steal mezzanine seat at $32), I decided that I would spend the morning and early afternoon walking and reading since I was seeing the matinee performance at 2 pm. I walked over to the Hudson River from Times Square area and walked all the way from 40th street to 75th! The waterline was INCREDIBLE and the boardwalk is truly a hidden gem. I do like Central Park… but think about taking a stroll in a place that’s a TON less crowded with a river breeze at your back.

Just think about it.

I also stopped along the way a few times to finish a few more chapters of my book. It was kind of a walk-stop-and read kind of morning. I needed the few breaks in the shade … it was HOTT HOTT HOTT here today and I was feeling it!

Around 11:30 am I was already famished, so I made my way into the Upper West Side where I found a Chipotle for lunch. Usually I try to steer clear of the chain restaurants while I’m here, but I had a gift card for a free burrito bowl so I figured I’d use it since a veggie one sounded really good.

After lunch I walked all the way back down Broadway, made my way into a few stores on the way and stopped quickly in Lincoln Center for a few photos. It was a great morning, finished by a routine trip to Starbucks for a little AC.

A little while later (and after a quick run home), the show started at 2 pm. I wasn’t expecting it to be awesome based on comments and reviews from friends, but it REALLY impressed me! The lead was absolutely fantastic, and the kids who starred were so impressive! I’ve never seen it on Broadway before, so I think the whole “magic” of it kind of amazed me. Almost the entire theater was filled with kids and their mothers (and about 300 American Girl dolls fresh from the store), but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. Two thumbs up from me!

After the show, I made my way back to the apartment to whip up a quick dinner. Apparently all the walking did me in because I was starved again! I cooked up some frozen veggies and mixed them on the stove to make a really good fresh stir fry. Yum! That might just become my signature, go-to item.

I made a little progress on my mason jar craft, but I’m going to wait and show you the entire process as I work more on them tomorrow or Monday. I’m just waiting on a few more smaller items to tie it all together.

I left the apartment a little after 6 pm to head down to Tribeca to babysit again! The family I worked for in the beginning of the summer just got back from The Hamptons, and they needed a last-minute babysitter … so of course I volunteered. It’ll give me an excuse to spend money on a new dress for my BIG end-of-summer presentation at Food Network Magazine on Wednesday!

I am SLEEPING IN tomorrow.
Not even going to touch the alarm on my phone.
Which I never do.

Cheers to yummy brunch and hopefully a great church service at Hillsong!

—Meg Taylor
PS. Do you like the new blog header and social media icons (top right)? I’m learning to code!

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