A Scavenger Hunt for Wraphia After an Incredible Morning at Hillsong NYC

Oh Sunday… you never fail to amaze me.

I “slept in” this morning, but the sun didn’t let me keep my eyes closed past 9:30 … so I woke up, made some oatmeal and then enjoyed a little early morning Olympics. I was still deciding whether I wanted to go to church in the morning (well, noon) or later in the evening. The big pile of laundry of laundry in my basket was telling me that I had to get that folded and put away before I could leave the apartment, so after that was done I decided to head to church (at only a block away, it’s pretty easy to make split-second decisions like that 🙂 ).

I ended up sitting next to a girl from Romania and a fashion designer from NY. Such completely different people but so warm and welcoming nonetheless. In line, I met another girl studying theater in the city and we bonded over lemonade and light conversation.

You never go to Hillsong without meeting someone new and interesting, or so I’ve found.

The thing that I told her in line was that I was in LOVE with Hillsong church for one main reason. Last time I came, I just left feeling so FULL. Full of love, full of gratitude, full of warmth, full of energy and most of all, full of God’s presence in my life. The church vibe itself is so cool … who would think that having church in a concert hall/nightclub could be so powerful. I think it’s all the Australian staff members who make it so great … especially the pastor who speaks in a thick accent.

I also love the worship. It’s like going to a concert every single week. Only better.

After church I popped back home for a quick lunch and then decided to head out on a mission to find a new dress for my big presentation on Wednesday. I stopped in LOFT, Banana Republic, Gap, Madewell, J. Crew, Express and Anthropologie but no one seemed to have anything that was 1) cheap enough for my budget or 2) cute but still professional looking.

So where to next?

Forever 21. I told myself I wouldn’t buy any professional clothing there … but I made an exception because I’m trying to keep a strict budget. I ended up finding 2 dresses for under $50 (the plus side of shopping there). One I found appropriate for work and the other was a great late summer/early fall dress! I also made a few other pit stops on my way.

From there I made my way to Party City to buy another piece of my end-of-summer gifts for my co-workers. I meant to finish them tonight … but I got home and realized I didn’t have any scissors to cut the wraphia I bought! I might borrow some from the office when I leave tomorrow and then bring them back on Tuesday morning … 🙂

I tried taking a little nap since I’m pretty worn out and starting to get a summer cold (lots of sneezing and a slight headache) … but I’m never good at napping. I always feel like I should be doing something way more productive. So instead I wrote a few hand-written thank you notes for the people at Food Network Magazine I’ve had the most interaction with this summer to go with their gifts.

Around 6 pm, a friend of mine invited me to Shakespeare in the Park (production staged in Central Park). She had an extra ticket and I hadn’t seen her in a while so I quickly got myself together and even put on one of the dresses I bought earlier.

Everything was great until I got out of the subway around 81st street and noticed the HUGE black cloud overhead which definitely was not there when I went in. I hadn’t even packed my umbrella thinking that there was no chance of rain.

I swear, I never pack the umbrella when I need it and always do when I don’t need it.

I met a group of friends near the stage, where we waited until just before the show was scheduled to start … and it started pouring. Luckily a few people in our group did have umbrellas, but I was still dripping wet when we found the awning a few minutes later. We waited about 40 minutes before they finally cancelled the show.

It was probably a good thing though … I don’t think being outside would have been too great for my cold.

So I made my way home (after 4 trains and a ton of walking) and settled in for the night. Kind of a quiet day, but looking forward to lots of excitement this week as my internship finishes up! 

Stay tuned for more updates on my fun Pinterest-inspired gifts and the BIG presentation on Wednesday afternoon! It’ll be a hectic week!

And I should probably start packing soon…. ahhhh 😦

—Meg Taylor

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