Running Into Arnold Schwarzenegger on 5th, Announcing My Involvement with #GIMMEMO, and a Cupcake Montage Dedicated to My She’s the First Crew

I honestly can’t believe I only have 2 days left at the office.

It’s seriously so surreal.

I woke up early today, I think because my cold is kicking in and taking a toll on my ability to sleep well. Regardless, I did appreciate the extra time to get ready, sip my coffee and watch the Today Show. I forget how much I really enjoy having extra chill time in the morning. It’s so refreshing … maybe just for us morning people.

Some say we’re a special breed.

I consider myself lucky 🙂

After an eventful subway ride to work (and by that I mean I sat across from a Princeton rugby player with a light blue polo and Sperry’s on… can you say epitome of my type?), I got to work a little early and sat in the lobby of the Tower for a while reading my book on the iPad and watching people come up the escalators. I tried not to stare when I saw David Carey (President, Hearst Magazines) come up.

A little before 9 am, I made my way up to the office to start my day. After a few cups of coffee, I started writing letters for friends and family while waiting for everyone else to come in. Writing a letter (pen and paper-wise) is so fulfilling for me. I just love knowing that someone will open it with the little hint of excitement that always comes over me when I myself get a letter. There’s just something about knowing that another person took the time and energy to think about you that makes getting a letter so extremely special.

Later in the morning, I spent about an hour listening to a webinar on Folio about the future and promise of digital magazine publishing. Yes, I do try to be professional when there’s not much to do… 🙂

Around 1, it was time for lunch with the other interns! It was an exciting half hour break for me, not only because I discovered Diet Snapple Half & Half (kind of like arnold palmer but so much better!), but also because I had a phone call with MONIQUE Coleman to talk about getting involved with the re-launch of her new series, #GIMMEMO this fall! You should probably go to the YouTube channel right now and subscribe… and/or follow her on Twitter (@gimmemotalk). We’re going to do BIG things this year, and I honestly can’t wait to partner with such an influential, positive and inspiring role model for young women around the world! We’re going to be talking about all the issues that young people face – and we want YOU to be a part of the conversation.

After lunch, we spent a few hours putting together the ice cream gift baskets we bought supplies for the other day. We had to package 10 different sets of ice cream goodies – and hopefully they’ll be ready to ship tomorrow. I thank my mommy for the gift wrapping skills on this one 🙂

And to round out the afternoon, one of my marketing supervisors gave me a little assignment to put together a recap deck for a program they completed earlier this year with a client. I’m going to be such a pro at PowerPoint by the end of the summer … seriously, you need it… I’ll build it. I didn’t finish until a little after 6 pm, but was glad to end the day with a call from my mom as I walked out of the building.

As a little surprise to myself, I wandered into a cafe and bought a nice, fresh salad (cilantro shrimp with fresh corn and tomatoes) and carried it over into Central Park. It’s been on my bucket list to finally have a “picnic” in the park (since I hadn’t done it yet), and I figured tonight was the perfect opportunity since I didn’t have any plans!

After I finished, I decided to take the surprise one step further and walk all the way home. Good thing I did … I ran into a crowd chasing Arnold Schwarzenegger on 5th Avenue! Unfortunately I wasn’t close or quick enough to grab a photo, but I did get a great view of the side of his head and his four HUGE body guards. After that escapade, I stopped in St. Patrick’s Cathedral a little further down 5th Avenue and snapped a few great pictures. That’s another landmark that’s been on my to-do list.

After my time there, I stopped in Barnes and Noble (okay, I get distracted really easily in case you haven’t noticed). A funny thing that many of my She’s the First girls will appreciate… I think I’m drawn to things with cupcakes on them now. Because I walked around the entire store and all I wanted to do was take pictures of everything I found with cupcakes on it. And there was a lot. I hope you enjoy the cupcake product montage that follows 🙂

When I got home, I decided to finish my gifts for Wednesday. I debated showing the final product to you all tonight … but I think I’m going to save it for tomorrow. I want to keep you in suspense and checking back! Does anyone have any guesses to what they’re going to be? Tweet me or leave a comment below and I’ll respond!

Another big day tomorrow! We have a presentation run-through and then I’m going to She’s the First later in the evening.

2 more days….. oh my goodness.

—Meg Taylor

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