An Epic Visit to Seventeen, Dinner with My Mentor, and Inspiration from Monique Coleman- how much better does it get?

Is it even possible to have a best day here?

If so, today may have been it.

If not, I could make an argument that every day was my best day. Just like I told Tammy tonight at dinner – there’s something so beautiful about each day being brand new. About the possibility and excitement of starting fresh. About the idea that every morning you can wake up and have complete control (well, for the most part) of what you do and how you treat life.

Me… I’m starting to realize that life is WAY too short not to greet it with arms wide open.

I started my morning wearing my red polka-dot ensemble – which I did not appreciate later on the way to work while I was carrying two HUGE totes full of mason jars on the subway and across 8 blocks. I did love it as a statement-maker, though! I decided to bring all of my end-of-internship gifts to the office early this morning so I wouldn’t have to stress about it tomorrow. 🙂

While I’m at it – I’ll let you in on what I’m handing out tomorrow morning before everyone gets in. I used the mason jars as mint containers and filled them all with cute peppermints. To finish it off, each note will be personalized with the message – Thanks for all the encourage-mint this summer! Cute, right? I created an army of them last night and tied them all together with wraphia for a rustic feel. I can’t wait to see the reaction I get tomorrow. It honestly feels like Christmas Eve right now I’m so excited to put them on their desks.

What’s the best part about them? I got the idea on Pinterest – exactly what I’m presenting on during my big presentation!

After sitting in the lobby reading before work (no, I didn’t ask someone to take the photo of me, but another intern did) and when our weekly status meeting wrapped, I spent the rest of the morning tidying up our presentation and putting final touches on it. I also got an assignment to start brainstorming more copy for another advertorial comp. I love being creative and thinking of unique ways to tie the advertiser’s brand with out own!

Around 1 pm, I got to head down to the SEVENTEENTH FLOOR to visit the “mecca” of what I’ve been working forever for. I had lunch scheduled with Hayley (UM grad and current Social Media Editor for Seventeen Magazine) and she even gave me a quick tour of the office (intern closet “hott guy wall” and all!). I was probably walking around the entire office with my jaw dropped to the floor. I hope I didn’t look too awe-struck … especially as Ann Shoket made her way in and out of her own office a few feet from me.

A personal thanks to Hayley for a great lunch (and awesome salads we made together) and such great answers to all to my questions. It’s always so helpful to have someone ahead of you kind of “leading the charge” and to look to for advice and inspiration. So glad to have met you and can’t wait for exciting things to come, Hayley!

After lunch all of the interns did a run-through of our presentation for tomorrow. I have a feeling it’ll be great – as long as we keep it to-the-point and on target. I secretly hope they ask me TONS of questions about Pinterest … 🙂

After work, I made a quick trip home to pick up a little present that I compiled for Tammy’s office at She’s the First. I can’t wait to see it on her wall… It’s basically so that a little piece of me will live on after the summer and so that she knows she can’t get rid of me quite yet.

After a quick stop in the office, Tammy and I went to a cute place down the road for fresh, dinner salads. I had a delicious shrimp and avocado one – what is it with my obsession with avocado now? I never used to like it and now I can’t stop eating it…

Tammy – I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor this summer. You showed me the beauty of life in so many different ways, and convinced me that dreams really are possible. I’ll never forget you and this summer we’ve made together. You’ve become such an integral part of my life story.

So, thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

From dinner, I ran back to the office for my initial in-person brainstorm session with Monique Coleman! We talked all about what she’s envisioning, what her business plans are, how I’m going to start reaching out to huge media outlets … and pretty much how she’s going to become the spokesperson and expert for exploring important (barely talked about) teen issues in the world. I could not be more excited to start building something with her. Everything we talked about just resonated so deeply with me … and I just love the fact that she is so passionate about what she does and is trying to achieve. From the 2 hour meeting to the free cookies we got while in the office to the walk home, I truly felt like she and I were both investing in something more than just a web/radio show.

We’re investing in change.

Another HUGE, monumentous day tomorrow. It’s my last day at Food Network Magazine. I can’t believe it. Believe me, I’m going out with a bang.

—Meg Taylor

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