Leaving my Mark, Inspired by our Publisher – Vicki Wellington, a Luxurious Lunch, and She’s the First Celebrations!

I think I left my mark.
What an epic day to announce that I reached my summer-long goal of surpassing 10,000 page views just this morning! I honestly owe everything to you… the people who read, who make me smile, who send me notes, who tweet their support. You all left your mark on me. THANK YOU!

As I finished the last day of my internship at Food Network Magazine, I spent the better half of the afternoon thinking about everything I’ve done over the past 3 months … and the other half thinking about hiding in a Hearst elevator and never coming out. I’m both proud and so humbled by what this summer has become. It may be cliche, but it really does seem as though everything is just slowly falling to place.

Getting back to today – my FINAL day at Food Network Magazine as an intern … It was an early morning; I woke up and got to the office with plenty of time to distribute all of my gifts before anyone else arrived. (Miss them? See yesterday’s post.) I then spent a little time in the Tower lobby reading my book, and just really absorbing the feeling of being there. A feeling of belonging almost.
After a few very nice, complimentary comments when people started finding their gifts (I think the creativity was really what won them over), I felt like a contestant on Iron Chef as we scrambled to get our final presentation printed and binded for everyone attending the sales meeting. We had to print a 50-page document 30 times and hole punch, organize, and put them all together. It was definitely a task to say the least. We took over the printing closet, but they really did look impressive when they were done!

Later this morning, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Vicki Wellington– the Publisher of Food Network Magazine and someone who has quickly become one of my idols and role models over the past few months. They way she commands a room but still exudes positivity and encouragement is truly inspiring. She gave us so many tips on finding a job, developing a career, and learning to follow what you love and are passionate about. Thank you, Vicki, for showing me that women are meant to be at the top … and that hard work and persistence is what sets you apart from the rest.
Around noon, all of the interns and two of our supervisors left for lunch at Bobby Flay’s restaurant, Bar Americain. We had so much fun bonding over avocado ceviche, house-made potato chips and plenty of incredible entrees. It was the first (and last) time we all got to have lunch together, and was such a blessing to spend time with them outside of the workplace setting. It’s nice to know people have a life and personality other than what you see in the office. I ordered the mahi mahi tacos – an awesome pick and such a treat!

We then spent the rest of the afternoon gathering materials and rehearsing for our presentation at 4 pm. Once we were ready and everyone from the outer sales offices was on the conference line, we kicked off the sales meeting and presented our research! During my section, I pretty much analyzed a few competitors, outlined the basics of how a magazine can use Pinterest, and explained how to run a contest via pins and pin boards! 
We got so many positive comments after we finished, and everyone was so engaged the entire time! From the few people who approached me after, I can genuinely tell they saw something special in what I did. I’m so thankful that everything went off without a hitch! The interns took a few photos in the “inspiration station” after we finished.

Ever wonder what it looks like when a network pitches a show or series for the Emmys? We got to take home a few “souvenirs” this afternoon since one of our office mates is so high up in production of the actual Emmys. Kind of cool, right?
After a few goodbyes, and a lot of hugs, it was time to leave the office. I really had a hard time leaving… handing in my badge… pushing the elevator to go down to the lobby… looking into the office one last time… walking down the escalators… and finally leaving the building. It just seemed like the entire summer was wrapping up in those few moments. 

But in a great way.

Straight from work, I made my way down to 121 Fulton St. in the financial district. It was time for She’s the First volunteer OLYMPICS (and a happy hour on the side) 🙂

These people all make me feel so welcome and loved. The amount of people wishing me well, commenting on my blog, tearful to let me go, and so interested in what’s next for me tells me that I’ve truly found the community I was looking for here. A group of people who care much more about others than they do themselves. A group of people who will do anything for you.

Lead by the woman who convinced me that it only takes a cupcake to change the world.

I even got a “gold medal” for remarkable marketing! Thanks, She’s the First!

Now worries, the fun doesn’t end quite yet. My mom’s plane lands around 9 am tomorrow morning and we’re bound to have an adventure like none other over the next few days. We’re a team… and so alike in so many ways. I can’t wait to share with you all why I love her so much and why I never could have done this without her.

—Meg Taylor

One thought on “Leaving my Mark, Inspired by our Publisher – Vicki Wellington, a Luxurious Lunch, and She’s the First Celebrations!

  1. yay CONGRATS, Meaghan!! 10,000+ page views in one summer is quite an Olympic feat in itself…you couldn't have planned it any better! SO SO SO proud of you!


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