What it Means to Have a Best Friend in the City Where Dreams Come True

I could hardly wait to wake up this morning and find my mommy at my doorstep. I’m so thankful that we are so close and that our relationship means so much to both of us. She is truly the person that I can (and do) trust with anything and everything. She’s my role model, my inspiration and – most definitely – my best friend.

So you can imagine the moment she stepped out of the car in front of my apartment after three months apart. I couldn’t even believe that she was really here… in the place that I care so much about and have grown to really love. To get to share it with her is something I am so thankful for and will never forget.

She arrived around 9 am this morning, and after she dropped her stuff and had a few minutes to spruce up (she got up at 4 am!) we left for breakfast! I took her to a little cafe called Penelope, about 10 blocks away from my apartment. It was so cute inside and was perfect for our first meal in the city! She ordered the pancakes and fresh fruit and I ordered a veggie and cheese omelet. We shared with each other and enjoyed plenty of coffee as well πŸ™‚

After we finished, we decided to walk and shop. For those who know us, they’d say that’s “what we do best.” I can’t say I disagree. I took her all the way down fifth avenue; we stopped in LOFT, Gap, Banana Republic, J. Crew, Madewell, H & M and Anthropologie… to name a few.

After a little shopping, we made our way to Union Square where we stopped to admire the artwork and the greenery of the park. Mommy liked the food trucks lined up on the streets. πŸ™‚

After Union Square, we walked down through Washington Square Park for a few photos and also stopped in a few boutiques by the NYU campus. I swear, we could walk and shop every day and not get bored.

Then it was time for Soho (one of her faves). We were star-watching, but unfortunately didn’t see anyone famous. We stopped in the Dash store as well as a few more higher-end stores and then settled in at Starbucks a little while for a break from being on our feet. After sitting (and free samples!), we walked over to Pinkberry in Nolita. While we were still full from breakfast, we both had yummy original frozen yogurt with fruit – the perfect way to cool off a little bit!

From Pinkberry, we made it all the way across Manhattan to Greenwich Village and the Hudson River. We had so much fun strolling the quiet streets and peeking in all of the designer shops. The village is so quaint – probably one of my favorite parts of the city. We sat by the river for a little while until we heard thunder and then decided to head up a few blocks to Chelsea Market. It was on my definite to-do list for my mom’s visit… I knew she’d appreciate how cute it is! We stopped for a quick coffee and enjoyed some time inside while it sprinkled a bit.

For dinner, we went to an awesome mexican place called Dos Caminos right by Chelsea Market! We devoured a whole bowl of chips, salsa and guacamole and then shard a platter of chicken tacos. Can you say yummm? We both had to walk it off after dinner, so we walked all the way back to my apartment on 23rd! We weren’t there too long, though. After realizing that we were late to a movie we planned on going to (free movie passes!), we had to run outside, hail a cab and rush to the theater. We walked in just as the movie “Hope Springs” with Meryl Streep was starting. Good movie, kind of sad though in some parts.

We are both ready to cash out for the night. I never let my guests sit still while they’re here!

To much to do… to much to see.

And only one full day left.

It’s really coming to an end.

—Meg Taylor

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