Cookies and Cupcakes at She’s the First HQ, Blake Lively and Penn Badgley Photo Bomb, and a "Goodbye for Now"

I want to thank the city.
The city that’s seen me grow.
And most of all, become me.
I want to thank NYC.
Whew- what a day! My feet hurt even sitting here on my bed just thinking about all my mommy and I have done the past two days! We woke up this morning ready to hit the city once again, but took a quick pit stop at Starbucks for coffee and a light breakfast before we set off. Mom enjoyed some cinnamon coffee cake and I quickly devoured a yogurt and fruit parfait.

After Starbucks, we decided to walk all the way up fifth avenue from 23rd to 57th street to take a quick peek inside the Hearst Tower. We stopped in Rockefeller Center for a little shopping at Free People, J. Crew, and the outdoor farmer’s market on our way.
We almost made it the entire way… but unfortunately it started to rain before we made it. Luckily, we both brought umbrellas to get us there in decent shape. We stopped in the lobby for a few minutes and re-grouped while mommy took a few photos and admired where I was lucky enough to spend my summer at Food Network Magazine!
By that time, the rain was starting to pick up quite a bit, so I walked her over to the Shops at Columbus Circle (near Central Park and only a few blocks from the Hearst Tower). We wandered up and down a few escalators before we finally settled on going downstairs to Whole Foods for lunch! I was so excited to show her why I’m so in love with the place (and secretly wish I could eat there every day!). We roamed the hot bar and incredible array of veggies in the salad bar, and both filled our boxes with a variety of things to sample. Mommy was blown away by how many choices there were! She was also a little confused as to why the Whole Foods checkout lines were color coded and talked to you when it was your time to ring up… 🙂 Only in New York.

I enjoyed a ton of spinach salad with strawberries and avocado/lemon dressing, along with pasta and fruit salad. Mommy picked up a bunch of stuff… her plate was a little more exciting than mine.
After lunch, it was still raining, so we decided to hop on the subway and go downtown. Last minute, we got off at 34th st. (Herald Sq.) for a quick trip to Macy’s! The store still blows me away every time I walk in. There’s just so much stuff… so many people… so much to look at. We were both especially impressed by the woman’s “shoe salon.” Millions of shoes and thousands of ladies trying them on at once! I left the store with a bargain black and tan lace dress.
After our shopping trip, we left the store to find blue skies and sunshine! Our next stop involved walking down to 23rd street for a little visit to She’s the First HQ. The girls immediately greeted us with cupcakes (of course) and yummy cookies. I couldn’t be more thankful for this incredible group of women. I tweeted this earlier today, but you all truly made my summer life-changing. Your love, your passion, your strength, courage and creativity is awe-inspiring. I was so lucky to share my summer with you. I owe you all so much!
“I can tell why you call them family,” my mom said as we left.
From there, we took the subway back up to Central Park area (we had to take advantage of the sun!). Quite accidentally (I promise), we ran into the Gossip Girl set! Thanks to a few girls giggling and taking photos of the bright pink signs, we stopped and stood on the sidelines for a while waiting to see someone. About half an hour later, we saw Penn Badgley come out of his trailer in skinny jeans and a coral t-shirt. 

I was busy taking photos of him when all of the sudden Michelle Trachtenberg started walking down the sidewalk really close to my mom (stationed across the street, due to my celeb “stalking” experience) without her even noticing. I started making hand motions for her to turn around and she pretty much turned right into her face! The security guard got a little angry when she put up her phone for a quick photo – haha.
About 10 minutes after that, Blake Lively came out of her first trailer and walked RIGHT by me. Meaning I was about half a foot away from her. Talk about incredible. The girl is so naturally beautiful- and she smiled for all of her fans too! 🙂 She’s probably my favorite on the show and someone I’ve wanted to see all summer.

We left after she went into the set and started walking towards Central Park! We took a quick stroll around the main loop and stopped for a few photos at the fountain and near the boathouse. We then made our way across to the boat pond where we hung out for a while in the shade.

Around 6:30 pm, we were both getting a little hungry so we decided to walk over a few blocks into the Upper East Side to find a restaurant for dinner. We had a hard time deciding but finally settled on an Irish pub/diner/bar for a pretty good meal! I ordered a chicken wrap that was actually pretty good and mommy got a burger.

After dinner, we hopped back on the subway and made our way home to start packing! Ha. Note to self- don’t wait until the night before you leave NYC to start packing. Not fun. It only took us a few hours but I’m exhausted! The boxes and things are all stacked up and waiting for tomorrow morning 😦 We’ve got half a day left- so don’t stop reading just yet! I promise I’ll be updating for the rest of the summer and beyond… I’m convinced that adventure does still lie outside of these city walls. It just may be a little harder to find.

Home tomorrow. 
New adventure?
—Meg Taylor

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