All We Really Have Is Today… and Each Other

What if we all lived by the philosophy…

“All we really have is today.”

Would we start to appreciate life a little more… to appreciate the little things and the beauty of what happens every day? Would we refuse to go through life as if we’re simply going through the motions or living for the weekend?

I wish I could answer … but all I can do is tell you this. This summer, I’ve learned why living to experience each day as its own unique opportunity for life and beauty is so necessary. I’ve learned that what each day becomes is entirely of our own making.

But back to the recap of my final hours in the city…

What a wake up call! My mom and I woke up around 7 am to a text telling us that my dad and cousin were only a few minutes away from my apartment. They drove all the way from Michigan (12 hours) to pick up my stuff and then drove right back. After dropping off a table in Brooklyn, they pulled up in front of my apartment bright and early to load up all of my stuff in our car! It was quite the process … lots of bags, holding elevators, and hot and sticky foreheads. But with three of us, it didn’t take too long at all!

Around 8:15 am, I took all three of them to the Gramercy Cafe for a quick breakfast before they went back on the road. We all had omelets that were pretty good- mine had spinach, tomatoes and cheddar cheese in it 🙂 Yum!

I’m so thankful to have family that will drive all the way to NYC to pick up a few personal belongings and then drive right back. Seriously, I can’t thank both of them (and my mom, of course) for all of their help this weekend. I owe them big time.

After the boys left, my mom and I spent the majority of the afternoon walking down Park Avenue – which was entirely off-limits to cars due to the second NYC Summer Streets event. There were joggers and bikers galore… like a sea of people all moving for miles down a stretch from Central Park to the Brooklyn Bridge. We also stopped in the Union Square farmer’s market on our quest from 23rd street to Battery Park on the southern tip of Manhattan!

We, of course, stopped in several Starbucks stores for a break in the air conditioning and for some “refreshers.”

After Summer Streets, we walked over to the 9-11 Memorial where we found a nice bench in the shade to sit and people watch for a while. One of my favorite past-times in NYC!

From there we made our way down into Wall Street, where we stopped for a quick lunch at Au Bon Pain. I got a huge cup of yogurt/fruit along with some salted almonds… but I did sneak a few bites of my mom’s french baguette on the side. 🙂

After lunch, we sat at Battery Park for a while, saw an interpretive dance performance, went down by the dock for a better view of the Statue of Liberty, and admired a few “musical” instruments scattered around the park. Around 3 pm, it was time to hail a cab and head to the airport. It had been a long day, but it was still hard to say goodbye to the city.

Although we got stuck with the WORST cab driver ever, we enjoyed some quiet time at LaGuardia (and admired the iPad ordering stations spread throughout the terminal for free use) before our flight boarded around 6 pm.

When I got home, I was greeted by my lovely grandparents (picked us up!), my brother who shot up about a foot since May, a welcome home banner on the garage door, a loving and energetic puppy in the mudroom, a cake and balloons in back-to-school Michigan colors, and plenty of evening activity.

Yep, I’m definitely home 🙂

Don’t stop reading- I’ll be back again tomorrow night with a really fun interview! I promise it is definitely something you will NOT want to miss!

—Meg Taylor

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