DIY Scrabble Headboard, #pinterestcrafting Series

In my quest to keep this blog interesting for the last few days of summer before school starts, I’ve decided to dedicate next week to #pinterestcrafting and blogging! Follow my adventures here, and keep an eye on my Instagram (megtoconnor) and Twitter (@meaghantoconnor) for the hashtag #pinterestcrafting to follow my adventures!

Hopefully my sister and I will be raiding the craft store (and Goodwill) in the next few days … and by the end of next week we’ll be decking out our dorms in homemade treasures 🙂 *So weird to think that my sister is moving out next week too!

Where does the time go?!

1) Start with 4 blank canvases; they’ll vary in size depending on how large you want your headboard to be. I bought mine from Jo Ann Fabrics and decided on the 12 x 12 size because I don’t have that much room to work with—but any size square will do! They only cost around $16 total and I got 2 extra ones!
2) Lay them out on newspaper and spray paint them all. I bought the Ivory *glossy spray paint from Jo Ann’s as well. You want to stick with a light tan color so that they resemble the actual pieces and so that the black letters will really pop! Make sure to hit them with a second coat after they dry!

3) Once they are dry, prepare stencils for the black letters on top. Unless you’re really good at free-handing, I suggest finding a font you like on Microsoft Word, printing out big letters and then cutting them out. I used Modern No. 20 font and the letters took up the entire page.

4) Once you cut out your stencils, *lightly outline them on the canvas—in pen! You want to make sure the line is barely visible in case you make a mistake, but also know that you’ll be painting over it regardless so it doesn’t have to be perfect!
5) Fill in the outline with black paint—any kind probably works, but I used black canvas acrylic paint from Jo Ann’s—and a SMALL brush! You want to ensure that you have entire control over the brush to get the fine lines, so the smaller the better!

6) Repeat the same steps above for the little numbers for the corner. I used the same font, cut, and traced as well.
7) That’s it! Simple, easy and done in hours! I’ll update with how they look above my bed next week! 🙂
Like I said, STAY TUNED for more #pinterestcrafting to follow!
—Meg Taylor

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