DIY Colorful Fabric Pennant Banner, #pinterestcrafting Series

Tonight’s an easy DIY … but one of my faves! It’s also the perfect time to debut my new addition to the blog header! I won’t be posting everyday, but expect to see me pop up in your news feeds throughout the school year… do you like the maize n’ blue banner?!

I made one of these earlier this summer for my sister’s graduation open house before I left for NYC—but thought I’d recreate a smaller one using some extra fabric for my bedroom this year!

To create your own colorful, fabric pennant banner:

1. Start with some extra fabric squares in multiple patterns. These just happened to be what we had laying around the house. You can also use burlap like I did for the graduation banner below.

2. You can cut the fabric in triangles as big or as small as you want. If you’re going to write something on the triangles though, it’s easier if they’re bigger in size.

3. Lay the triangles out face-down in the order you want them to appear. *Remember, if you’re assembling a word, lay them down opposite how you’d read them so that when you turn it over they spell the word correctly 🙂

4. Lay out a piece of twine above the triangles and remember to leave a little room on both ends for hanging purposes!

5. Using a hot glue gun, one triangle at a time, line the top edge of the triangle with glue and press down slightly.

6. Repeat until you’ve glued all the triangles in place!

That’s it! Quick and easy—and cheap too! It’ll add color and brightness to any plain wall 🙂

More to come… our dining room table is quickly turning into Meaghan’s temp crafting station.

—Meg Taylor

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