DIY Decorative Monogram Glasses, #pinterestcrafting Series

Tonight I decided to use a few champagne glasses I found at Goodwill (only $3 total!) and some extra ribbon we had in our storage room to make decorative glasses to display in our apartment kitchen!

My goal was to customize them with all of my roommates’ initials and our school colors.

These were embarrassingly simple…

1) Start with choosing which ribbon you’d like to line your glasses with. Once you’ve picked it out, measure strips so they fit around the area of the glass you will place them. It works better if you pick an area where the glass isn’t getting shallower or wider—that makes it a little more difficult to stick the ribbon on.

2) I found that using double sided tape works better than hot glue (just because you can see the hot glue from inside the glass). This brand seemed to stick to both the ribbon and the glass very well!

3) Simply stick the tape on the ribbon and then attach the ribbon around the glass.

4) If you’d like to include the monogram… I also found that black paint (left over from the last craft) worked better than a sharpie!

That’s it! Quick and easy.

I have some fun canvas prints coming at you tomorrow 🙂 Stay tuned!

—Meg Taylor

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