I may not be in NYC anymore…

… but a piece of me will always be there

… and with She’s the First.

I’ve already seen how the organization has grown and changed me—and we haven’t even started our term as the Executive Board of our brand-new chapter! I’ve learned from some of the brightest and most motivated women in the world, I’ve seen change happen right in from of my eyes, and I’m getting involved in the first-ever XX Summit this October, inspired by the UN’s International Day of the Girl.

I’d say it’s been a whirlwind of a few months, right?

We got together for a “planning meeting” as the Exec Board last night and started talking about this year’s events, fundraising ideas, recruiting new members, and so forth. We also took a break to make our FIRST batch of She’s the First Tie-Dye Cupcakes!

I was so excited to hear the other girls shout out creative ideas and build off one another when we discussed fundraising.

“We’re not just any student org that raises money… we’re an organization—or a family, rather—that truly cares about where every penny comes from and goes toward. We’re witnesseing change…making a REAL difference.”

I have a feeling we’ll do great things this year, and I’m so excited that you get to see the journey unfold right here along with us!

—Meg Taylor

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