Learning that "A Mile a Minute" Isn’t Always Healthy

It’s back-to-school season … which also means
sorority recruitment season,
and starting classes,
and moving in,
and buying my own groceries,
and starting work again,
and sending millions of emails a day,
and listening to fraternity houses bump their music while I read for my English class,
and because of it all—sacrificing sleep.

If you haven’t noticed already, I get myself involved in a lot of things. And when people tell me, “Meaghan, you really just need to pick your favorite ones,” I smile and say… that’s impossible. I could never just pick a few.

I have invested myself so deeply into everything I’ve gotten involved in, that often I find myself doing more work for these activities than anything else. As stressful as it may be, that’s the way I like it. It’s the “extra” things I do while I am in college that I’ll remember years from now.

It’s the late nights with my sorority sisters.

It’s the track meets with my Young Life friends.

It’s the hours I spend working with Forum writers and editors and finally publishing our print piece.

It’s the meetings for She’s the First where we laugh over hilarious stories and bake cupcakes.

It’s all of these things that I live for.

You may have noticed a little problem. How on EARTH do I have time for all of it… and then on top, to write about it? I rarely give myself time to breathe—which I’m quickly finding out this semester to be one of my biggest faults. I overwhelm even myself sometimes and don’t even take a second to relax or process what I’m feeling. I go a mile a minute… and the truth is, a mile a minute is not healthy for ANYONE.

I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot of thinking in the next few weeks. (Probably while I’m at the gym during my “free time”). I can tell you for sure that I won’t be giving up the things I love… the truth is, I’m not quite sure what’s next.

I guess I just have to put my hands up, wait and see.

The only thing I AM sure of is that they are replacing the carpet in our living room (an air conditioner leakage problem and lots of water) and that I was lucky enough to receive an autograph recently from my friend (and Alpha Chi sister) Melissa d’Arabian to put in my copy of her new cookbook!

Remember the day I visited her on the Food Network set?

—Meg Taylor

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