Thanks Could Never Be Enough & the "Cute Land of Stoops"

I don’t think “thank you” could ever sum up my gratitude for this weekend, but at least it’s a start.

There are many people who deserve so much more.

Thank you to Tammy, Christen, Katie, Leonora, our host Kaitlin, and to so many others for believing and investing in future leaders. Thanks for bringing us all together to remind one another why we are so passionate about She’s the First. Thank you for helping us define our mission and goals and giving us the tools to succeed.

We started off the morning by bringing our luggage to She’s the First HQ—I was more than thrilled to be back at my “second summer home.” I was a little jealous that the interns get their own room now… just kidding 🙂 Upgrade!

It was so beyond special to see my #STFSummer poster on the window directly across from Tammy’s desk. It tells me that I really haven’t even left New York… and that I’ll be back oh so shortly 🙂

A quick shout-out to Becca, who read my blog all summer! So glad to have met you and so thankful for all of your love and support. It’s people like you who keep me going.

After hopping on the subway, we all rode down to Washington Square Park for a quick photo shoot—ironic since one of my assignments over break is to finish reading the book Washington Square (set in this very park!) for English.

It was school pride day, as all of the chapters were asked to wear their school colors to show off the wide reach of She’s the First around the country (from NYC, all the way to California!).

I’m so blessed.

I love new friends.

(P.S. — I was sad they turned the water fountain off already!).

We got to be models for a few minutes! We matched… of course 🙂

We’re members of the FIRST *{Michigan} chapter!

We had to spread the BIG TEN love as well. I may not have loved their school colors, but I DID love these girls! So incredibly nice, genuine and driven.

We are SO glad to have bonded over our love for Greek life (they are Pi Beta Phi’s!), and we even gave a presentation together called “The Good, Bad, and the Cupcakes,” in which we talked about using Greek life to start an organization and the unique challenges it presents.

After the photo shoot we walked over to AOL, where we spent the majority of our afternoon!

Our first activity was to write love letters for the future leaders of our own campus chapter (to be distributed next year at the second annual summit!). If next year’s leaders are reading… get excited for your personal notes!

Before lunch, several chapters presented information to the whole group—I was so nervous; I hope I at least made sense!

For a short lunch break, Julia and I snuck out to Au Bon Pain, where I devoured an avocado chicken wrap and a yummy banana 🙂 I also discovered (*TOP SECRET*) that the pop machines at AOL are FREE… they just open like coolers. So naturally, the sign on them that said “complimentary, please enjoy,” prompted me to take a nice iced tea for the afternoon.

After lunch, we had a media panel to discuss social media, innovation, career goals, paths and etiquette. I was THRILLED to meet Josie Loren, a young woman (she’s only 19, just like me!) who is changing the world in her own way after appearing on both 17 Again and ABC Family’s Make it or Break It. Just yesterday, she delivered HUNDREDS of “rainy day notes” to strangers around the city… so that they have something positive to read when they are having a “rainy” day.

After the panel, I enjoyed a quick POP CHIPS snack (one of our GREAT donors!) while I made my way up to the Upper East Side. I was so happy to be in the “land of cute stoops” again.

When we got back to STF HQ, it was time to grab our things and head out with our “mentors”/hosts. Julia and I were beyond lucky to be paired with Kaitlin Davis—a woman who simply pours out love and kindness in everything she has said to us already (I’m writing this on her pull out couch as we speak!). We also got to see the first copies of The Cupcake Diaries, complete with an ad mentioning She’s the First!

Kaitlin then took Julia and I to a place called 5 Napkin Burger… and I probably had the BEST veggie burger in the entire city. And sweet potato fries.

A wonderous combination.

Like magic.

After dinner, Julia and I met her cousin at Serendipity 3 (yes, the famous “tourist” spot… and somewhere I hadn’t been yet!). I was way too full for dessert, but the other two got the frozen hot chocolate while I sipped on cappuccino.

WHEW! It’s been an INCREDIBLE two days. I couldn’t have imagined any better “re-introduction” to the city.

I’m home again.

I can feel it.


3 thoughts on “Thanks Could Never Be Enough & the "Cute Land of Stoops"

  1. I love this post! What a great way to remember the amazing experiences of STF Summit. Missing everyone already! I will definitely keep up with your blog! Hope you are enjoying the rest of your time in NYC. 🙂

    –Amanda Kennedy, Prez of She's the First*{Bryn Mawr}


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