Pretending I Go to Columbia and My FIRST TIME as a Stage Manager on GIMMEMO!

I’m convinced that I’ll never be tired of exploring and walking the city…

Even when I live here full-time.

There will always be something new and exciting… a street fair on the next block, a new restaurant, a different part of town. There is just so much to see and discover.

I started my last full day in the city by waking up early and hanging out in Kate’s neighborhood for a while. I took a short walk to find breakfast, coffee and a “halloween treat” before stopping at the Deli on the corner to pick up flowers as a thank you gift for hosting me.

I’m so lucky to have such great friends in the city already 🙂

After I dropped the flower back off at the apartment, I walked over a few blocks to the bus stop and the hopped on a cross-town bus that took me over to the West Side of the city. I jumped off at Columbia University and enjoyed some time wandering the farmer’s market booths in front of the university gates. Aren’t these mini pies simply to-die-for?

After that, I walked into campus and grabbed a quick vanilla cappuccino at Brad’s (my fave cafe on Columbia’s campus this summer). I sat there while I read, and then a few minutes later took off for the Alfred Lerner center for a special occasion 🙂

I was greeted at the door for the Columbia Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega’s Founders Day Brunch!

Only I would find the Alpha Chi event happening while I happened to be in town… and go to it being so excited, but not knowing ANYONE. It was a nice ceremony followed by socializing and yummy coffee and snacks 🙂

The girls from the Columbia chapter were so sweet! I can’t wait to start coming around as an alumnae to start helping out.

After the brunch was over, I spent about an hour walking the campus (realizing how jealous I was of all the students there). Michigan is pretty, but this campus is beyond compare. Like out of this world cool.

I then walked out of campus, down past the Cathedral on the West Side (SO INCREDIBLE!) and down even further to 86th street area. I was pleasantly surprised to find an outdoor street fair going on (like almost EVERY weekend this summer!). I bought a few scarves… don’t judge me.

I then walked all the way through Central Park and ended up by the side of the Met. Sitting by the fountain, I wanted to unwind a little bit and read… but ended up getting distracted by the dog on the skateboard that was putting on a show in front of me. I’m not kidding.

Around 4, I went back to Kate’s apartment to grab a few things before I hopped on the subway to get to the LIVE set of GimmeMo! They tape at MNN Studio every week, and I was beyond thrilled to make it to this episode! 🙂 I ALSO GOT TO SEE DANIELLE AGAIN…which means that all is right with the world.

What wasn’t so thrilling, was the fact that they threw me on as “floor manager” and told me that the timing of the show and segments was entirely in my hands. I have NEVER done any sort of stage management before, so this was completely new territory. But I do have to say… I did pretty well! I think this was Mo’s best show yet!

We had a few very special guests this week—a representative from, several media stars, and Josie Loren (17 Again and ABC Family’s Make it or Break It!). I was SO thrilled to work with them and I think we produced a VERY successful show! I also got to meet Emily-Anne (WeStopHate) who I’ve been wanting to meet FOREVER. I’m so inspired by her mission to save the world and am so happy to be working alongside her!

After the show, I hopped back on the subway to meet Kate for dinner at one of her favorite restaurants in her neighborhood. It was incredible… I ordered the lamb burger (don’t ask me why?!), but it was one of the BEST things I have ever tasted.
HOME tomorrow afternoon! Very bittersweet… but more bitter than sweet.

I feel called to be here.

This is home, I can feel it.


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