To Infinity & Beyond, #Pinterestcrafting Series

It’s holiday break, which means trying to tackle another craft I discovered on Pinterest!

These instructions are an adapted version of the ones I found here on Fab You Bliss, an adorable lifestyle blog. In order to make your own fabric infinity scarf…

1) Pick the color/design/texture of your scarf by choosing a swatch of fabric. I went with black and white houndstooth because it’s classic and simple, but you can choose whichever design you like.  

*Tip: Stretchy fabrics (such as jersey material) tend to work better!

2) Measure out a piece of fabric that is about 1 1/2 yards (mine was 58 inches) long by about 1 1/3 yards wide (mine was 50 inches).

3) Fold the fabric width-wise, so that you have a “new” width of around 25 inches.

4) Cut the fabric into two pieces at the fold. The final piece that you work with should be around 1 1/2 yards long by 25 inches wide. Fold the new piece in half width-wise once again, so that it is only 12-13 inches wide.

5) Find someone who knows how to operate a sewing machine (in this case, my adorable father who learned just for this project!). Sew just the long end of the fabric so that you end up with a “tube” with two open ends. Turn the tube inside out so that the seam is on the inside.

6) Bring the two ends together, and sew around the outside so that it completes a loop. *Tip: It helps to turn the tube inside out again to finish the outside stitching, but be sure to leave about 4-5 inches so that you can turn it back again and hand-sew the opening shut!

7) And there it is, simple and cute. AND it will keep me warm hustling around campus during my winter semester!


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