"Good Things Are To Come" (NYC Spring Break, 2013)

So, I’ve been up for a full 21 hours. And I loved every single moment of it.
Because I’m back in NYC, the city where my dreams will come true. I can just feel it. I literally got shivers as I was walking down Madison Avenue today. Good shivers. Really, really good shivers. They were shivers that convinced me that this is truly where I belong.

So, like I alluded… I got up extremely early this morning for my 6 am flight to NYC! It was a relatively stress-free trip, with no major mishaps, and an early arrival. I was kind of bummed I wasn’t more awake this morning, though, because airports (aside from NYC) are my favorite place in the world. The thought of people going all over the place all the time just radiates possibility and excitement—and the people watching is just prime.

I got off the plane, hopped on a bus to Manhattan (thanks for the tip, Tammy!), and made my way to my hostesses’ apartment on the Upper West Side near Columbia University. I misjudged a stop, however, and ended up walking a little over a mile with my luggage, uphill, through the Columbia campus. Oh well, my legs needed a good stretch. I was so happy to finally reach Tammy and Erin’s apartment 🙂

After a quick outfit change, I went for a walk to “clear my head,” before what I knew would be an action-packed, exciting day. I ended up wandering through the Upper West Side and over to Central Park (after a quick stop at Starbucks to grab some caffeine) where I wandered for about an hour and a half.

Doesn’t it just take your breath away?

Around 11 am I was starving for lunch since I’d only eaten a granola bar and banana for breakfast around 5, so I found myself really close to the MET on the Upper East Side and a PANERA! I was happy to use a gift card instead of the cash on hand 🙂

After lunch I had a little time to kill, so I decided to run in and out of a few shops on Madison Avenue (namely Tory Burch, Lululemon, J. Crew, Lilly, and Bergdorf’s) before I set up shop at another Starbucks for a while to prepare for my interview at Seventeen Magazine!

At 3 pm, I found myself back in the Hearst Tower (where I was all summer) for an interview with the PUBLISHER of SEVENTEEN Magazine, Jayne Jamison. To say she is one of the coolest women I have ever met is truly an understatement. She was very, very complimentary of me and my experience and provided me with a lot of insight about job-hunting, career paths and what it takes to make it in NYC. I really loved everything she said, but especially when she told me that I was pretty much doing everything right, and that I just had to wait for my time to come… which it will, she said. If Jayne Jamison has faith in me, I think I might turn out okay 🙂 

After meeting with Jayne, I met with her assistant Taylor who talked with me a lot more about the transition from college to career, what an entry-level position is really like, what it’s like to be young and living in NYC right out of college and a lot about the magazine and media industry in general. She was so, so helpful and I can’t wait to reach out again!
This is me smiling after a very successful visit to Seventeen. I was beaming on the inside as well 🙂

After I left Hearst, I made my way down to 23rd Street to meet up with Tammy at STF HQ (which also felt a bit like home). Loved the new developments … including the INTERN OFFICE!

Tammy and I had an early dinner at a place nearby called Hill Country BBQ – so cute and a first for us both! I ordered the chicken club sandwhich and was starving so it tasted extra good 🙂 The avocado spread was the perfect touch!

After dinner, Tammy and I made our way to Brooklyn for a Clinton Global Initiative speaking event featuring Bill and Chelsea Clinton! They had a very engaging dialogue on the management and strategy of their foundation as well as why they do what they do. It was very inspiring to hear them speak, and now I’m even more excited to hear them again in a month at CGI U (Clinton Global Initiative University in St. Louis!).

Aside from a small group of protestors in the audience (creepy…), the night was spectacular to say the least!

Tammy has me up early in the morning for a full day of exciting-ness. Stay tuned for what’s left of my epic SB 2013, NYC Edition!

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