From Student to "Mentor," Lunch in Wonderland and Lottery Tickets to Annie on Broadway!

Tammy (one of my lovely hostesses) keeps telling me that I like to keep busy while I’m in NYC, and I can’t say that I disagree with her 🙂
This morning started bright and early as Tammy and I left the apartment on a journey to Jamaica, Queens. We both agreed to speak on a career day panel for seniors at The Young Women’s Leadership School in New York, representing our work with She’s the First as a President/career woman (Tammy) and college student/campus co-founder (myself). I was a little shocked when they asked me to speak — this was the first time I had ever been invited to speak to a group of younger students, usually I’m the one sitting in on the “expert” panels and asking questions!
How do I look? Professional?
After a pretty long commute and a stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee, Tammy was obviously thrilled to be “back in school” for the morning, as was I!

Woah, I have a “hot job?”

I was so honored and thrilled to be sitting in on the panel with one of my role models. You could definitely tell that the students really look up to her and all that she’s accomplished. And then when she tells them she used to work at Seventeen, their faces light up even further 🙂

The girls did such a wonderful job asking us questions, and a lot of them were even intrigued about what college was like so I think they really did value my knowledge! My favorite question had to be if we still had time to nap in college. I responded by saying that although I myself don’t nap… I know many, many of my friends who enjoy naps daily. That seemed to ease her mind a bit.

After our morning in school, Tammy and I parted ways and I made a pit stop on the Upper East Side for the early afternoon. I had remembered talking about a place called Alice’s Tea Cup with Tammy yesterday, and when I stumbled on it while walking I knew that I just had to stop for a “scone lunch.” (Because when are sweets and berries not the perfect lunch?)

The buttermilk scone with homemade whipped cream and jelly was to die for. Seriously, so good.

 And, the atmosphere looked like I had stepped right into Alice in Wonderland! SO adorable!

After lunch I had about an hour and a half to kill and decided to take Tammy’s advice and visit the Museum of the City of New York near Central Park. I took a short subway trip uptown and found myself back on “Museum Mile!”

The museum itself was awesome, so intriguing and lots to take in! The exhibit on “winter in the city” with all of the old paintings and artifacts was cool, but my favorite exhibit was definitely one that allowed you to walk through an “apartment from the future” as part of a brainstorm competition designed to envision the future of sustainable NYC living. It was almost like walking through a more intense version of IKEA!

After the museum, I made my way down to Union Square Park for my first informational interview of the day with Leslie Zaikis of Levo League. Levo League is an online and in-person community designed to help Gen Y women (like myself!) look for mentors, jobs, career advice and networking opportunities. I highly recommend checking it out—they’ve got a lot of great partnerships with a lot of MAJOR companies and brands. And their office hours events online (that Leslie has created and facilitates) are super helpful and give website members access to a wealth of really important executives from various industries.

The office was AMAZING. It was a converted apartment, so they had a full kitchen, jacuzzi tub, skylight and staff YOGA sessions. HOW AWESOME? Is it time to stop school and start work now, please?

Leslie and I talked about a variety of things, one being that she graduated with U of M and was a member of Alpha Chi as well. It was so fun chatting about what my job hunt process has been like and she even provided me with a bunch of tools for becoming more marketable and “techy” on the web.

After our meeting, I went really quickly to Times Square where I entered the Lottery drawing for Annie tickets at the last possible second. I’d love to say that I was lucky… but not that many people entered so my chances were pretty good to win 🙂

I ended up with front row seats for the 7 pm performance!

The show was FANTASTIC—highly recommended. The young cast members were absolutely incredible and the entire show was just fun and high-energy. I even enjoyed singing along to myself a bit.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll love ya, tomorrow, you’re only, a day away.

Goodnight, NYC! I’ve got a busy day planned for tomorrow!


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