Purple Townhouses, Piles of Pasta and Sustainable Innovation

I can’t believe my last full day here for Spring Break is already coming to an end! The trip has gone by so incredibly fast, but I also feel like I’ve done so much at the same time. My flight back to Detroit (given we don’t get a huge snowstorm in NYC, which is possible…) is around 4:45 pm tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll be making the most of my morning by getting up early and being productive!

This morning started around 7:30 am when I woke up, ate breakfast and got dressed for the day. Around 8:15 ish, I left Tammy and Erin’s apartment and started walking towards where my first meeting was scheduled, midtown west. I convinced myself that I’d walk as far as I could before I thought it’d be smart to catch the subway for the rest of the journey (I started on 106th and was going to 37th!). I made it to about 72nd street—and saw a lot of unique architecture, apartment buildings and more residential areas—before crossing over to Broadway to catch the subway.

Isn’t this purple townhouse on the Upper West Side just adorable?

After walking a few blocks from my subway stop, I met up with Sarah Bruning, a She’s the First volunteer who also works as the Associate Features Editor for Time Out New York. She wanted to meet up at a cute place called Cafe Grind, and agreed to give me advice on moving to New York after college, how to manage an editorial career, and what life in Brooklyn looks like!

After that meeting, I hiked across town to Madison Avenue for a lunch meeting with Selena Soo. Selena has also been involved with She’s the First, and I met her this summer and knew that I had to connect since I was back in the city. She offered to have me over for lunch at her gorgeous apartment and talked with me about how she built her own successful business (S2 Groupe), what it’s like to work on your own away from a corporate environment, and what an impressive interviewee and potential job candidate looks like. I really appreciated her advice on how to conduct informational interviews and what makes for a powerful and compelling “pitch.”

After lunch, still feeling a bit like a “foodie,” I decided to take a pit stop in Eataly, one of the largest Italian restaurants/grocery stores/food emporiums in the city. The amount of fresh pasta and incredible smells was almost too much for my full stomach to handle. I wanted to try a bit of everything in the store!

Feeling a bit “winded” (both physically and mentally, since it was very windy here today), I decided to walk over to She’s the First HQ for a little break from being on my feet and a chance to meet Kristin, the new creative intern!

I hung out there for a few hours until it was time for Tammy and I’s meeting with Jessica Kleiman and Gennifer Delman of SANDOW, an innovative company that delivers and develops mutli-platform luxury, beauty, design, and fashion brands. Their current office is home to one of the world’s largest libraries of innovative and sustainable materials for the construction of new products. In other words, it was wildly creative and such a fun place for a mini-tour. After a quick peek into the library itself, Jessica and Gennifer told us a bit about what makes the company so innovative, what projects they are currently developing and what advice they had for me as I approach a “career.”

Jessica and Gennifer agreed that it was important to be 1) flexible in finding my first job (although careful in selecting the “right” one for me) 2) extremely proactive in cultivating relationships and 3) moved to NYC and ready to work!

I guess that’s next on the agenda…

After that meeting, I stopped at Whole Foods on the Upper West Side before heading back to the apartment for an early night. I’ve got another action-packed day tomorrow with several meetings before my flight home!

This is me after a LONG day with many meetings! (Whew!)



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