Rachael Ray & Thai Food Adventures

Dear New York City, I’ve got my sights locked on you.

I’m back – again! It feels like it’s been far too long, even though I was *technically* here last month. Guess that’s a good sign, it just feels so natural to be back!

My morning started with a 4:20 am wake up call and an early 6 am flight out of Grand Rapids to LGA. I landed a little after 8 am and took the bus/subway into the city. 

By the time I made it down to 23rd street, near She’s the First HQ, I needed to stop for an early “lunch” at Starbucks while I answered a few emails and enjoyed a vanilla steamer.

After catching up with Tammy and Christen for just a few minutes, I packed up my stuff and left for my first city adventure of the weekend — The Rachael Ray Show! I was so thankful to be picked out of the stand by line (w/ the help of a good friend of mine!).

Check it out — have you ever been to a TV show taping? They are quite the production!
(Pun intended).

 We left the show with copies of Rachael’s magazine – I never turn down a free magazine! 🙂

After the show my friend and wonderful hostess, Opal, took me to Pinkberry for a little “pre-dinner” dessert. I loved the new greek yogurt that Pinkberry serves – it’s fabulous!

After Pinkberry, we decided we were still hungry and ventured for an early dinner at a Thai place a few doors down. The food was excellent! I ordered spicy noodles and vegetables – so much flavor and definitely lit my taste buds on fire!

After dinner, we made our way down to the Financial District area to drop my stuff at Opal’s dorm at Pace University. Such a pretty group of buildings right next to the Brooklyn Bridge and the new Freedom Tower. You should see her view, it’s to-die-for!

After re-charging my phone for a few minutes, I decided to go on an after-dinner walk on the Brooklyn Bridge and through Opal’s neighborhood. I just can’t get enough of street-roaming in New York. I could literally spend days on end just wandering and watching.

This city is just so full of life.

 What a beautiful New York sunset over the skyline… A perfect way to end my day.

 I took a break in the middle of the bridge and found these hidden treasures 🙂

The night finished with a trip to see the progress they’ve made on the Freedom Tower – so beautiful and such a sign of strength, solidarity and reconstruction. You never cease to amaze, New York City.

Until tomorrow! (I’ve got exciting plans…. stay tuned!)


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