Dear New York,

I did it.
I moved.
I rented an apartment in Manhattan.
I hauled two suitcases all the way from LaGuardia to my new home on 116th.
I bought my first set of “groceries” from the neighborhood market (since when does yogurt and bananas cost $18?).
I walked 9 miles all the way downtown.
I wandered down every street within a mile of my apartment.
I spent an entire afternoon reading in Central Park.
I interviewed.
And now,
I wait… for an email, a phone call, for someone to simply say, 

Yes, we want you. You’ve made it.  

You belong in this city.”

I have to admit that it’s a lot harder than I imagined… sitting here with free time and just waiting.
But I’m being patient.
Because I’ve always believed, from the bottom of my heart, that with patience and hard work comes big rewards.
Soon enough.
The girl from Michigan with big dreams and an open heart


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