A Confusing State of Boredom & Bliss

A few weeks ago, my head was buried in books and I kept telling my parents that I’d do anything to be out of school and on my way to starting “real life.” I believe I even told them that I’d made a post-grad bucket list for my newfound free time. On the list? Spending an entire day in bed watching movies, reading books that I’ve been too busy to read over the past few years, and cooking fun desserts and loads of carb-heavy, wondrous meals.

Looking back, it sounds like I was simply anxious for a chance to breathe, to slow down and clear my “to-do” list. Now, however, while my schedule is sparse and I have plenty of time to roam the city I fell in love with last summer, all I do is wish for something to fill my time. A job, a hobby, a circle of close friends … something.

I used to be unhappy being busy 24-7 and wished desperately that I could tune out the world. And now, all of the sudden, I’m unhappy being bored and wish desperately for something to fill my time. Why is it that we can never be happy with what we’ve already got?

Today in church, I stared at the floor during one of my favorite worship songs and was lucky enough to remember just how lucky and blessed I really am.

I made it through my first week and half of being a New Yorker. I haven’t given up yet. AND, to top it all off, I still have (some) money in my bank account.

I’m alive, and I’m here. And I’m so, so blessed.

Regardless of whether I am officially “employed” or not shouldn’t really matter. I’m chasing my dreams, and sometimes that calls for a whole lot of sacrifice & patience—two things that I definitely don’t handle well.

I’ve been filling my days with random adventures, many of which I should have shared with you, but now I’m ready to start filling you in. I’ll be honest — I’m still searching and wandering…. and having a lot of random fun (and Starbucks coffee) along the way.

Here is just a little of what I’ve been up to…

1. I spend a lot of time in parks. I mean, a lot of time.

2. I eat a lot of soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt.

3. I got to sit in the front row of a Katie Couric show taping (Jenny McCarthy was there!). DVR/RECORD THIS TUESDAY’S EPISODE!

4. I take random 7-9 mile walks. (Also, someone please tell me how these creepy targeted advertisements know how much I love Pinkberry?)

5. I saw the President in Greenwich Village (kind of).

6. One of my best friends, Serena, JUST surprised me with a DOZEN delicious SPRINKLES CUPCAKES! How lucky and blessed am I?!?

Join me for the rest of my “boring” and blissful adventure until I finally land the job of my dreams? I promise I’ll check back in with more frequent updates.

P.S. I’ve got a big interview this week! Keep me in your thoughts/prayers? More info to come!


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