"Pick A Dream City, Most Will Pick New York"

First and foremost… new, exciting developments!

I’m learning that all I can really do at this point is hang in there (crazy how much “snail mail” like this card from my grandparents can make me feel better almost instantly).

More importantly though (haha), THERE IS A TARGET 1.2 MILES AWAY FROM ME. I almost stopped and kissed the ground when I ran into it on my walk along the East River. But really, this is huge for me.

I now have pillows and hangers! Mama O’Connor came through big time and sent them right to my door — she even threw in a surprise yoga mat so I can workout on the wood floor in my apartment! Brilliant!

Now to cover a few special events from the past few days…
Tuesday I spent the morning at Forbes for a Social Media/Marketing Panel. I was definitely the youngest in the room — which was AWESOME. They spoke about how social media is evolving with regards to measuring audience impact and marketing objectives. It was pretty insightful and definitely fun to dress up for 🙂

Today I spent the morning working through emails at Starbucks and then took the train downtown to visit the headquarters for Internet Week, a week-long “festival” of sorts. Throughout the city, there are all kinds of events planned, dedicated to celebrating the Internet and the progress NYC has made in encouraging growth and opportunity for Internet-based companies.

For some reason, I found out that I was registered as a VIP for the event that I’m attending tomorrow afternoon (it’s awesome, I promise I’ll keep you in the loop). That meant I could wander Headquarters for a while, pick up a few samples (a free chai late and my fave KIND bar!), and check out all of the awesome company booths.

I even got to take a photo, which I’m considering a “press pass” since I’m technically talking about the conference on the blog…! How do I look?

To conclude the night, I sat in on a VIP Plenary Session with awesome speakers including the CEO of Clear Channel Radio (he also founded MTV, no big deal…) and the CEO of Etsy (which I absolutely adore!).

They talked all about how NYC is becoming the tech capital of the world (catching up to Silicon Valley), and how the “startup culture” here is inspiring people to be more open and engaged in finding solutions to world problems and ways to contribute to public good. They ended the session with an optimistic claim that New York is the place where change-makers go to make an impact on the world. (I BELIEVE IT!)

Is there any way I can just become a “Pro Conference Attender” as a full-time career?

More to come in the next few days — I have an AWESOME day planned tomorrow and an interview still in sight!


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