Why I #LiveToGive with She’s the First & Jane Cosmetics, PLUS a Visit to Etsy & Foursquare

Wow, what a day! I’m still catching my breath (and drying off from our torrential downpour this afternoon!).

My morning started bright and early, as I met up with Tammy at the Nomad Hotel downtown. She had invited me to a press breakfast for the re-launch of Jane Cosmetics. Jane has already chosen to partner with She the First in a variety of ways, helping support our mission of educating and empowering girls worldwide by both raising awareness and sponsorship money.

The event was gorgeously executed on the rooftop of the hotel (no big deal…), in a huge tent with fresh tulips everywhere, male models, make-up artists and makeup samples galore. We were even served breakfast of blueberry pancakes, yogurt/granola, fresh fruit and danishes/croissants. Truly a beautiful morning with beautiful people (I’m not kidding… it was a room full of magazine beauty editors!).

I think Tammy and everyone at She’s the First will agree when I acknowledge how thankful we are to be recognized as a partner to such an inspiring brand with an incredible message for young women. The CEO of Jane Cosmetics, Lynn Tilton, started the morning with a powerful speech about how the brand is really starting to emphasize the power and definition of natural beauty. She then expressed how important it is for us all to do our part and really change the lives of others. With this re-launch, Jane is centering its mission on supporting forward-thinking women and organizations such as She’s the First who are dedicating their lives to helping others and changing the world.

The hope she has in our generation was simply awe-inspiring!

It was such an honor to sit next to Tammy while Lynn introduced her as a partner in the mission of creating a brighter tomorrow, and to see Tammy take center stage and rock a speech of her own. Fabulous as always, Tammy talked about several of the girls we sponsor who inspire her, as well as why finding partnerships like this are so important for building and supporting the mission of girls’ education. My favorite quote from the event:

“No matter where we start from, with the power of education we all have the opportunity to choose our own outcomes.” – Tammy Tibbetts

 Check it out — you’ll even be able to buy products with Tammy’s face on them in stores this August when they are available to the public.

For now, check out this awesome swag bag I got with a new army of makeup inside! I’m so excited to rock these new, fun spring colors!

After breakfast, I made my way over to Etsy for a tour of their Headquarters as part of Open Co. New York – a festival which allows individuals to tour hundreds of companies and start-ups around NYC (for free). They showed us around the incredible crafty and unique office space and then gave us a little history of the brand and mission behind Etsy. I was so impressed by the culture at Etsy — they employ over 300 people in their Brooklyn office, there were puppies wandering around, and all of the desks are handmade by Etsy sellers.

The big takeaway from the company was that they have found themselves centered around a mission to empower small business-owners, the majority of whom are women, to find a platform and an audience to support themselves or their families. An awesome mission statement for a company if you ask me!

After Etsy, I made my way to SoHo to visit the Foursquare Headquarters! (Yes, I most definitely “checked in”). It was an awesome visit, very similar to the open and creative feel at Etsy, and they even treated us to a free Mexican lunch. I snacked on some chips, guac and lemonade. Yum! While there, a group of us heard from the current CEO and Founder of Foursqaure about the vision/goals and motivation moving forward.

By the time the session ended, it was POURING rain, and I was still stuck in the lobby. I decided to make a dash for the subway and make it home as fast as I could to avoid getting stranded. I also wanted to start prepping a little more for my interview tomorrow.

Speaking of — back to work for me!

I’ll be back here tomorrow with more updates!


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