Starbucks… Where Dreams Come True

This post is dedicated to anyone with a dream, anyone convinced they’re going to follow that dream, anyone who needs a push to follow their dream, or anyone who thinks they’re not “good” enough to chase their dream.

Because the truth is, nothing should ever stand in the way of following a dream.

Yesterday, as I was sitting in Starbucks a few blocks away from my apartment, I got a phone call with a NY area code and immediately got the chills. I answered the phone, and after hearing the person on the other end announce they were calling from the Hearst HR department, started smiling from ear to ear (while also trying unsuccessfully to maintain my composure).

She started the conversation with, “I’m calling with good news,” and I immediately felt my heart jump and scream with joy. Once she told me they were offering me a job at Seventeen magazine, where I’ve only dreamed of working for almost a decade, I almost lost it.

It’s a good thing I was sitting in the corner, otherwise I may have made a scene.

I told her yes almost immediately, and after a few instructions over the phone, called my parents and texted my family with the news.

I hadn’t started crying … until I heard my mom tearing up on the other end. Then I almost had to stand up for napkins to dry my eyes.

I may or may not have celebrated with a Starbucks refill and two petite vanilla scones… 🙂

The whole episode, and the series of events following that phone call, were full of a wide array of emotions—excitement, relief, joy and gratitude among many others.

On the way home, I stopped in CVS to get a quick picture because I was so excited. Imagine me asking a store employee to take a photo with my iPhone holding a magazine… he must have thought I was a bit crazy. I also did a little shelf “re-arranging” (hehe).

There are so many people who deserve way more than a thank you… and believe me, you’ll be getting a postcard with my new address very soon… but to my family, my friends, my mentors (and biggest cheerleaders) and everyone I’ve met along the way, I say thank you for pushing me and helping me believe that this opportunity was worth reaching for.

Next week, I officially start as the Assistant to the Editor in Chief, Ann Shoket, at Seventeen magazine.

Am I dreaming?

I’m still pinching myself.

This is why I’ve poured my heart and soul into magazines over the past few years, why I became so invested in girls’ education and empowerment through college, and why I feel so strongly about never giving up in the face of hardship.

Because dreams really do come true.


3 thoughts on “Starbucks… Where Dreams Come True

  1. Meaghan this is absolutely amazing! My mom still subscribes me to this magazine and now I'll have to make sure I check extra close for your name 🙂 You're going to do great things–congrats!


  2. Enjoyed reading your post! Congratulations on the job. My family and I's dream was to move to Manhattan and we moved in January. We love it! Keep dreaming.



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