Small Fish… Really, Really Big Pond

You know that “big fish in a small pond/small fish in a big pond” saying?

I’m definitely a small fish again.

… but you want to know a secret?

Being a small fish is intoxicating. Especially in a big pond like New York City.

The other secret?

It’s also terrifying.

Not knowing where you fit or where you belong; how “life” is supposed to work with a new schedule, a new routine, new working hours.

I guess that’s what makes our 20’s so wonderful and so insane at the same time.

I’m learning, pushing myself and giving 110% every day because I know that’s how magic happens.

When I got home from work on Friday, I called my parents, head already resting on the pillow. I told them I’d have to call back the next day, simply because I was ready for bed at 9:30pm.

They laughed… and then said, “I told you so.”

This isn’t college anymore.
This is the big leagues.

And if playing in the big leagues means that I’m a small fish again for a while, so be it.

Because I was born ready for the sharks.


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