Time For a Breath of Fresh Air

Today was one of those days where I pinch myself and ask…

Is this really my life?

But before I launch into what made my day so great, I made a lot of promises in my last post and I want to give you a quick update with my progress!

This week, I went on my first morning run with a friend — and ended up logging close to 6 run/walk miles before work! I’ve decided to go back to my morning routine.. I just love the rush of endorphins and energy I have the rest of the day. It’s (almost) enough to help me skip my morning coffee. Well, almost.

I’ve also decided to commit to a weekly running schedule (at least 3 days per week!). Although I haven’t officially signed up to run a long race, I have a feeling that a 10k (and eventually a half marathon) is in my future. Is that crazy?

Now for today! This afternoon, I was lucky enough to step back and recognize a truly beautiful part of my new job. Three co-workers and I all took to the train upstate to Fishkill, NY to spend the afternoon with a group of awesome girls at Camp ABC – a Fresh Air Fund sleepaway camp for inner city kids in New York. Seventeen has a very special partnership with the Fresh Air Fund, & today we got to lead three different workshops with the 16-year-old campers!

First, they learned about creating their own “hed” and “dek” for a few summer fashion spreads.

After a lunch of grilled cheese, potato salad, and pickles (yummm…. camp food 😉 ) the girls were tasked with creating an ad campaign inspired by their camp experience and a wonderful teacher from our magazine’s advertising/publishing department.

Lastly, the girls got a chance to sample dozens of makeup products — everything from lipstick, to blush, to our signature #17delete nail polish! They had so much fun drawing test marks on paper and judging which products were best for certain looks.

The girls were all incredibly sweet, and I’m sure I speak for all when I say we had so much fun getting out of the city and breathing fresh air for the afternoon!

As for the rest of my weekend, Target is on the “to-do” list for tomorrow… and I couldn’t be more excited! Sometimes, a girl just needs an afternoon to roam Target and buy things she doesn’t really need…

After my morning jog, of course!


One thought on “Time For a Breath of Fresh Air

  1. Your blog inspires me so much. It reinforces the idea that my dreams are possible, and shows that hard work really does pay off. Your photographs are absolutely gorgeous and it’s so awesome that you work at Seventeen. Your goals are similar to mine and your blog reminds me to keep dreaming big and to not give up on my dreams. Thanks so much.
    P.S. I also love Target! 🙂
    – Paige


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