Bring It On, 6.2!

Guess what’s on my mind this afternoon…?!

I’m running 6.2 miles this September! As of yesterday, I’ve officially signed up for my very first 10K — double the distance of my first race a few weeks ago!

I’m not only excited because it’s one more step on the journey to my first half marathon, but also because I’ll be running to raise money for an incredible cause!

After a few days weighing my options (namely, if I even wanted to run or not), I finally decided to sign up for the Run 10 FEED 10 Race on September 22nd!

Courtesy of

The race is a partnership between Women’s Health Magazine and FEED Projects, an organization working to fight hunger and eliminate malnutrition throughout the world. Simply by registering, I’m helping provide 10 meals for individuals in New York City who can’t afford a meal on their own.

While I’m still intimidated by the thought of running over 6 miles in just a few months, I’ve got an incredible support system here in the city. I know they’ll be behind me every step of the way!

Just this morning (5:30am, I kid you not), I went jogging with my friend Erin on the Hudson River. It’s HOT, HOT, HOT here… so we made sure to pace ourselves accordingly. She’s such an incredible running buddy, full of wise tips and words of wisdom since she just finished her first marathon (and is training for her SECOND!) this year.

She even treats to iced coffee at the finish — lucky me!

I can’t wait to share my training stories with you over the next few weeks — I’m sure there will be some good ones, and some sore muscles too!


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