Keeping My Ears Wide Open

Only a few words.

A few words was all it took.
All it took to remind me why I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.
Supposed to be in this city, in this job and in this life.
This life that continues to bring joy, blessings, challenges and victories.
Challenges and victories that seem to propel me two steps forward & one step back.
One step back, teaching me that true success takes a lot of hard work.
Hard work & finding a way to distinguish myself from millions who share my dream.
Share my dream to become someone… and then to give it all back.
To give it all back to a girl like me, who dreams of sitting in my same desk, in my same life.
My same life that I still pinch myself because of each and every morning.
Every morning, hearing those few words.
Those few words, I believe in you.


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