Day 1 – Cupcakes & Chapter Awards!

… And it’s official! #STFSummit begins with a full day of exciting speakers, workshops, and fun activities for all of our She’s the First chapter leaders!

I’m especially blessed to share that my sister is here after deciding to start her own chapter at MSU this year. To say I’m a proud older sister doesn’t even do this feeling justice. It means the absolute world to me. AND, she’s even been showing her friend Carley around the city while I’m at work! She’ll be a city girl in no time! (Even if she gets lost in the subway from time to time…)

Last night, many students arrived and attended our welcome party, hosted at the office downtown. Although we dealt with a few flight delays, most of the students arrived in a big flock and started to mix and mingle over punch & cupcakes (of course!)

We also had incredible cookies, thanks to Sweet Loren’s! (I had two… sssh!) Cookies are my weakness. (Is there such a thing as cupcake-flavored cookies? If not, someone should probably hop on that bandwagon real quick.)

The students all decorated their cupcakes and posted pictures of them to Instagram, using the hashtag #STFSummit (which also means that you can check out their creations!).

After cupcake decorating, Katie Riley, our campus coordinator, took the stage to greet everyone and announce the 2012-2013 chapter award winners.

I was surprised to find out that my alma mater, She’s the First*{Michigan} took home an award for being “Most Social!” It’s a good thing all those tweets, blog posts, Instagram pics and photo albums were all worth it 😉

Hofstra took home an award for being “Most Financially Successful” while American University took home the “Most Creative” award.
And to finish the evening, one of my good friends (and STF Chapter President of the Year!) Becca Wertheim announced the award via webcam for “Campus Chapter of the Year,” ….. University of Wisconsin-Madison! Even though they’re technically one of our rival schools, I guess I can still express how happy I am for the chapter and especially my friend, Emily! 😉 What a truly deserving bunch of leaders! Check them out on social media to see how their chapter inspired our Gala last April!
After awards were announced, the students and I made our way back to the Paramount Hotel near Times Square (have you ever led that many people around NY, in the subway no less!?). It was an early night for most, as many of us were dead tired and ready to crawl under the covers.
Now… a 7:40 am call time in the lobby so that we can corral them all down to AOL HQ for the day. Can’t wait to see what other adventures are in store? Keep following here or on social media with the hashtag, #STFSummit!

Until tomorrow…


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