"Building w/ a Legacy Strong Enough to Leave it Behind" – #STFSummit Day 2 & 3!

My, have we been b-u-s-y! I meant to log on last night and post an update, but all I wanted to do once we made it back to the hotel was crawl into bed!

The students and volunteers have been extremely busy the last few days, and although I couldn’t join them on Friday, I heard all about it through social media and word of mouth! If you’re on Twitter, search the hashtag #STFSummit and you’ll see everything populate! It’s quite inspiring to say the least.

On Friday, the students and volunteers made our way to AOL HQ downtown in the AM for an early start and a wonderful breakfast of muffins and power smoothies! (And a bit of coffee 😉 ).

Photo From She’s the First Instagram

After breakfast, I had to part ways and go to work for the day, but the students had a full agenda planned of keynotes and presentations by rising professionals, chapter members, and board members.

They also got a chance to see the STF Documentary, “Magho!”

The day closed with an inspiring keynote by STF supporter, Monique Coleman. She definitely inspired students, as many of them tweeted and Instagramed photos and quotes during her speech.

Photo From She’s the First Instagram

After dinner from Chipotle served at the hotel, the students were allowed to go off and do a bit of exploring on their own. I, on the other hand, stayed at the hotel and went to bed as soon as my eyes would allow.

On Saturday, we woke up early once again and made our way to Fenton Communications, only a few blocks from the hotel. We started the morning with a breakfast of croissants, muffins and scones from Bouchon Bakery (yum!).

I even got the chance to pose for a quick picture with two of the new leaders from She’s the First*{Michigan}! What rising stars they are!

After fueling up, the students launched right into a creative brainstorm session to think about how to modify and build upon chapter fundraisers that other schools had executed in the past. We have so many bright students in our campus network1 They were sharing ideas like nobody’s business!

Photo Taken by Myself, Also Posted on She’s the First Instagram

After that, our Director of International Operations, Christen Brandt, led the group in a research exercise and introduced our new Global Awareness Program – a really valuable and tactile program for chapters and students to help them better understand global issues and what’s going on in the realm of international education.

After a quick lunch break, we launched a social media panel called “The Hashtag Heard Round the World,” with a few special guests from both within and outside of the She’s the First network. They discussed the ways in which social media can be used to ignite a campaign or social awareness project.

Photo Taken by Myself, Also Posted on She’s the First Instagram

The next panel was set up with an army of gentlemen on the stage who all discussed “Why Girls’ Education is a Guy’s Issue Too!” This was by far my favorite panel. It was so inspiring to see men so dedicated to girls’ education and get practical advice on how to help men understand why it’s such an important issue for everyone to care about, not just women themselves.

Photo Taken by Myself, Also Posted on She’s the First Instagram

Two brilliant keynote speakers followed, one from the founder of “The World Needs More Love Letters,” Hannah Brencher, and the other by Stella Dronyi, a women with an incredible story to tell of living and growing up as a female in Uganda, the Congo & South Sudan!

To close the evening, the students were released for dinner and exploring while the volunteers made our way back to She’s the First HQ to finish putting together a few parting presents for chapter presidents, as they start taking off this afternoon.

But first, an exciting activity planned this morning! What would a She’s the First gathering be without a photo shoot in the park!

Here we go!



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