Surprise Takeover Post!

Hello My Fellow Peoples,

My name is Kendall, and you might remember if you have followed Meaghan’s blog for a while… but I am her younger sister by like two years or whatever. Megs has asked me to write on her blog because I have had the most amazing experience the last couple days being in NYC!
I started off flying into NYC very early wednesday morning (8am, ugh no) and making my way on down to meg’s office at Seventeen to meet her! Excitingly, I didn’t come on this trip alone and got to bring one of the best friends, Carley, from back at MSU.
We spend the whole first day doing alot, alot ALOT of touristy stuff around the city. We had lunch with my sister at Hearst Tower, walked through central park (we should of listened to the dude who wanted to rent us a bike because we were dying), went down to the 9/11 Memorial site, checked out Battery Park where we saw the Statue of Liberty and Carley starting singing “God Bless America” (I kid you not), continued to get lost for an hour until we found the right subway, and made it all the way back to 46th street to eat dinner and catch a show! Just because I’m obsessed with shows so I forced Carley to see one with me… it was Peter and The Star Catcher just so ya know and it was amazing.

(…The Statue of Liberty is tiny)
The second day we decided to hit up Soho where we shopped around and spent some money that I probably should have saved but YOINYCO (you’re only in New York City once). 
Today we actually had the chance to goto a New York Yankees vs Detroit Tigers game which was so so so much fun! We ordered cracker jacks and everything. The tigers lost and I’m a little bitter about it but regardless, it was an awesome experience.
I also haven’t told you guys about the most IMPORTANT AND COOL reason I was in NYC in the first place! I recently started a chapter at MSU with some other students and awesome friends for She’s the First (so if any of you go to my school you should definitely hit me up on facebook, twitter (@kennykinss) or instiiii (@kennnnnnndall) and hang out with us and see what we’re all about!
But this whole week was seriously amazing. Last Friday and Saturday, there was about 40+ chapter leaders from all across the country in one room talking and listening about girls education, empowerment, leadership, etc. I met amazing and inspirational people I would’ve never met if I hadn’t joined the STF family, and I’m so happy that I had the experience that I did. I don’t know how to describe to you guys what Carley and I and the other chapter leaders went through this weekend. The experience was honestly indescribable.

Carley and I are beyond inspired from everything we have taken in this past weekend and we cannot wait to get back to MSU in the fall to really start making a difference (whether it be small or big). 
Also, big shout out to my sissy Megs for putting up with me this weekend and taking us under her wing. I don’t know what I would do without you and I’m so blessed to have you as my sister and have you as a leader and role model and inspiration and avid candle collector and popcorn eater. You make me so proud.
Kendy xoxoxo

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