Twenty Things I’ve Learned About Living In New York

New York is crazy… & beautiful. So I guess we’ll just call it crazy beautiful. Does that suffice? I’ve been living here (full time) only a few months, but I’m already starting to pick up on little “new york-isms” that I’ve been wanting to share. So here they are! Agree? Disagree? Something I missed? Comment below or tweet me – @meaghantoconnor!

1. Central Park just before sunset is the most peaceful place in all of Manhattan.

2. People move really, really fast. And if you don’t move fast, you’ll probably annoy someone who’s late for work.

3. New Yorkers know how to eat & drink, and eat & drink well they do.

4. Everyone works really long hours — I hardly ever make it to “happy hour” (and neither do most all my co-workers!).

5. Buying furniture and furnishing an apartment often consists of: 1) online shopping 2) paying a delivery service 3) carrying large baskets and side tables down into the subway (ha, don’t try that one… really, don’t) 4) paying too much money for shipping and 5) going to Anthropologie because it’s just too hard not to.

P.S. This is my new ‘hood!

6. It’s really easy to convince yourself that work is the most important thing in your life.

7. It’s really hard to convince yourself that work isn’t the most important thing in your life.

8. You should probably take up running as a “hobby,” because 3/4 of the city does too (and it’s relatively cheap!).

9. If you’re not wearing workout clothes while running “errands” on the weekend (but actually just scoping out members of the opposite sex in your neighborhood), you’re not a local.

10. City dwellers must try at least one cycling class… they’re all the rage (I’ve yet to try… SoulCycle in my future, I hope!).

11. People are serious about their dreams here. Meaning the competition is tough, but the drive to succeed and rewards are many!

12. It’s strange to get married before 30 (probably the biggest difference from the Midwest!).

13. Quinoa and kale are great — and New Yorkers are obsessed (+ healthy!).

14. New Yorkers are extremely proud to live here.

15. The days turn into weeks, which turn into months… really fast.

16. It’s perfectly acceptable to bring dogs into stores, restaurants and even some office buildings!

17. Sometimes co-workers can end up becoming good friends (and even roommates!).

18. It’s abnormally easy to navigate — even the subway!


20. The city seems to breed great thinkers, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, journalists, business people and powerful women. I can’t wait to see where it takes me the next few years!

How did I do? Hit a nail on the head or still way out of my league? I’m still getting used to calling this city my home!



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