Return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte

Since when is it September? Did I miss August, or did we just skip it altogether?

In any case, happy fall!

Fall is most definitely my favorite season, for a few very distinct reasons.

1. Warm Drinks Are Back in Season! Which also means that it’s completely acceptable for me to have a cup of coffee, hot tea or pumpkin spice latte in my hand at all times.

2. Back-To-School! While I’m not actually back in class, I’m still working at a teen magazine … and that means that our readers are! (More importantly, the back-to-school shopping budget definitely still applies to the professional world, I’m convinced.)

3. Another Year Older! And this October, it’s even more special… because I’ll finally be turning the big 2-1! Surprise you? It does most.

4. Sweatshirts, Sweatshirts, & More Sweatshirts! Doesn’t need an explanation… I just really like wearing them.

5. Yummy Comfort Food! For some reason, I associate fall with great fall recipes – homemade chili, oven-baked french bread, warm pastas, you name it! I’m excited to try my hand at cooking in my new kitchen!

And this year, I add a few more to the list!

5. Strolling in The Park! This I can’t wait to do, especially at night after work. Such a great stress-reliever and a good way to get in a little exercise, even if I’m dead tired at the end of the day. And since my apartment is so close, getting there is a breeze!

6. Fall in New York! Since I’ve only ever been here in the summer, I can’t WAIT to experience the city in the fall! I’ve heard it’s simply magical… bring it on!

7. Sweaters, Jeans, Tights and Fall Patterns! I’m just really excited to put away the summer dresses for now and break out a new fall wardrobe! Talk about all those cute tights and thicker dresses — I love!

8. New Friends! Last weekend, after a trip upstate New York, I oficially decided to join the leadership team for Young Life on the Upper West Side. YL has always been an organization very near and dear to my heart, and I’m so excited to jump back in as a leader in the Greater NY region! It also means new friends, unique challenges and a chance to engage in a loving & supportive community.

9. Holiday Shopping! Can’t wait to shop the city for bargains and unique finds for the holidays this year! I hope they’ll be surprised when I pack them in my suitcase for Christmas and bring them home!

10. Apartment Decor! Since one of my good friends is moving into the apartment next month, we’re already starting to plan how we’re going to give the apartment a little “upgrade” with cute and cheap decor… which also means that there are probably a few DIY posts in my future!



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