A Love Letter to Life in New York

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I’ve been wondering for a while when it was going to happen. I knew it’d be right around now, during back-to-school season, but I still didn’t know if it would feel real, even then.
But it’s starting to. 
I’m beginning to realize that New York is no longer the city I have to dream about… the city that seemed so far away and out of reach in college.

I live here now.
I’m building a life here.
This is my new home.
And because it’s my new home, I’ve been starting to notice things.
Little things.
Things that make me proud & excited.
Everyday things that make life here so special.

Most days, as I walk out of my apartment around 5:30am, I take a second to breathe in the calm and serenity of my street. It’s often quiet. Sometimes I see a few of my neighbors emerge from apartments across the way with dogs, on their way to Central Park.
I think about getting my own dog someday.
I wave to the security guards as I ride up the escalators at work. I still pinch myself when I think about waiting in the lobby on my first day as an intern last summer.
I think about how many brave, intelligent and influential people have been on that same escalator.
In the office, I spend hours sifting through emails and answering phone calls, while dreaming up my very first byline. I stare out the glass windows on the 17th floor, take in the incredible view of Central Park, and wonder how I got so lucky.
I think about how many people would kill to be in my shoes.

On my walk home, I stroll past burger joints and cupcake bakeries, tourists taking pictures in the middle of Columbus Circle, couples bringing their picnic dinner into Central Park, dog walkers struggling to keep up with a mix of ten golden retrievers and toy bichons.
I think about my first adventure in Central Park, and the many I hope to take with my loved ones in the future.
Just before bed, I light a candle and curl up with a magazine to clear my head and ready myself to do it all over again. I stare at the ceiling and think.
I think about just how special the little things really are.


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