You’ve Gotta Have Heart For 6.2

There was one moment, about a quarter mile away from the finish line, that I knew this race was about way more than just checking an item off my bucket list.
Glancing to my right, in between shallow and scattered breaths, I finally saw the sign I’d been waiting for.
Almost there, I told myself.
Next to me, I saw a middle-aged man lift his hands in worship. His lips were in sync with the music playing on his iPhone. He was probably just as thankful (if not more) to reach the 6 mile mark as I was.
As I neared the finish, I said a little thank you myself.
How I made it through 3 months of training without even a single knee injury is beyond me.
Somehow, I think He kept me healthy through it all. He knew that finishing this race was a seed planted deep in my heart, and He wasn’t going to let anything stop me from my glory moment.
A few months ago, I would have laughed had you told me I’d be running a 10k (and finishing in just over an hour!).
But that day, with the help and motivation of an incredible coach, I finished.
I did something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

Proved myself and every single one of my doubts wrong.
Who knows, maybe I’ll even have a few more miles in me next time.

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